Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1561

“…It’s my fault. I’ll pay right now,” Rodney felt like biting his tongue off.

He linked the consultation card to his phone clumsily according to the instructions on the wall about the mobile payment.

After paying the bill, he accompanied Freya for a blood test.

Seeing so much blood being drawn, he began to feel annoyed. “Why do you need to draw so much blood for a prenatal test?”

The nurse who was drawing Freya’s blood gave him an innocent look. “It’s necessary. As the baby grows older, more screening tests are needed to ensure that the baby and the mother are healthy and safe.”

Rodney pursed his thin lips. Only after the blood test was over did he say to Freya seriously, “I’m going to buy a chicken and cook you some broth to help replenish your blood.”

Freya cast a confused look at him. “Thank you. Your words suddenly reminded me of my mom.” Rodney was speechless.

His words reminded her of her mom? What did it mean?

Was he like her mom?

Rodney, who was treating her tenderly, felt as though a bucket of cold water was poured over him. “Please keep your mouth shut.”

“How dare you ask me to shut my mouth,” Freya’s eyes narrowed.

“No. I feel that… You really deserved to be single for many years, ” Rodney teased her.

Freya, who had indeed been single for many years, was furious instantly. “What gives you the right to insult me? You deserved to be single for over ten years too. At least I wasn’t single for as long as you did.”

“That’s because I’m older, okay?”

“It’s good that you know you’re old. It’s your honor to be able to marry such a pretty young woman like me,” Freya mocked.

The nurse at the window stared at them. “If you guys want to argue, please move to the other side and do it there. There are a lot more people queueing here.”

Rodney and Freya were stunned. They turned their heads around, only to find a long queue with seven o r eight people behind them. Everyone fixed their eyes on them as if they were watching a drama unfold.

An old lady smiled and said, “Enough. Stop arguing. I think the two of you are quite a good match. With your good looks, your baby must be beautiful.”

“Exactly. Since the man got the woman pregnant, it’s normal for the pregnant woman to be bad- tempered. My wife’s temper was even more explosive,” a man who had been in their shoes chimed in.

Those remarks made Rodney and Freya flush with embarrassment.

In the end, Rodney swiftly bowed his head remorsefully. Then, he quickly dragged Freya away and left.

When they were upstairs, he coughed lightly. “I’ve decided to put up with you from now on. I won’t argue with you anymore.”

“What do you mean? As if I wanted to argue with you. You were the one who attacked me first,”

Freya disputed indignantly.

Rodney’s head ached a little. Freya was already capable of arguing like a fighter before she was pregnant. Now, her argument skills had leveled up.

“ Sorry. It was my fault. I shouldn’t have insulted you that way. In fact, I was quite fond of you when you were single. Otherwise, why would I have pursued you?” Rodney forced a smile weakly.

Only then did Freya feel better. “It’s good that you’re aware.”

With that, she went for an ultrasound scan. Rodney kept following her.

However, when Freya underwent the Doppler ultrasound, the baby was uncooperative as its face could not be seen. The test did not turn out well.

As such, Freya ate chocolates while climbing the stairs for an hour. Only then did that damn baby turn around, revealing its face.

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