Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1562

However, once the report of the Doppler ultrasound was out, Rodney was pleased about it. “Is this my daughter? She’s really pretty.”

Freya asked in astonishment, “How do you know it’s a girl? Did you ask Chester?”

Rodney was stunned. “Chester didn’t tell me. By the look of the baby’s pretty features, I feel that she’s a girl.”

The corners of Freya’s mouth twitched. “ I didn’t know you could determine the gender of the baby. ”

Freya touched his nose embarrassedly before he purposely took a photo of the Doppler ultrasound report. “You damn brat, who allowed you to cover your face? Because of you, your mom had to climb u p and down wearily for a long time. After you’re born, you have to be filial to your mom, okay?”

Upon hearing his words, Freya shot him a complicated look. She probably did not expect him to be so considerate.

She was quite tense at first, but his words lifted her mood all of a sudden.

Rodney suddenly approached her and said earnestly, “Freya, I used to think that prenatal tests were easy. When I saw your blood being drawn and that you climbed the stairs, I really think that I was overboard back then. I didn’t even fulfill my duty as a husband. I won’t behave like this anymore. I’ll treat you and the baby well. I’ll also accompany you to every checkup. If you’re not well, you can let me Stunned, Freya turned her head around and looked a t his handsome face, which was very close to her. The man’s red lips were elegant, and he looked as attractive as a fox.

Based on the entertainment magazine she read earlier, it seemed that his type of lips was suitable for kissing as it would provide a great feel.

Suddenly, her heart raced madly in spite of herself. She kept cursing herself internally.

What was she thinking about?

He was just good-looking, but could he make money with his good looks?

She should not be swayed by his words just because of his good looks.

“Freya…” Rodney suddenly called her as he moved closer to her.

“What are you doing?” His action raised a panic in Freya. She wondered if she was blushing.

She could not help but touch her face, which seemed to be burning.

“You seem… to have grown slightly fatter, ” Rodney said out of the blue. “Your cheeks look chubby, ” he was too shy to instead say that she was quite adorable.

Freya did not know what to say.

Rodney’s words made her heart pound and her face flush. She must be crazy.

This man would not behave himself unless he got a punch.

“Yeah. I’m fat. I’ve gained five kilograms since I’m pregnant with your child.” Freya stomped on Rodney’s foot. After he bellowed in pain, she left in a huff.

Once Freya returned to the villa, she called Catherine to vent her anger. “Rodney, that dumbhead, said I deserved to be single. I think the same applies to him too. Even without Sarah’s involvement, I guess he wouldn’t have gotten a girlfriend as well.”

Catherine was speechless. “ In my view, the two of you deserved to be single, so stop taunting each other.”

Freya was glum. “Are you actually my best friend?”

“I’m just telling the truth,” Catherine sighed. “ Although Rodney has his weaknesses, he donated his blood to you. He also planned to buy you a chicken to help replenish your blood, so he’s considered a good househusband. But you mentioned that he reminded you of your mom, which was like a wet blanket. You might as well say that he looks like your mom.”

Freya was at a loss for words.

Uh. Now that Catherine mentioned it, Freya realized that her comment did seem like a wet blanket.

“Hold on. Why are you standing up for Rodney now? You disliked him back then, didn’t you?” Freya suddenly asked. “When he accompanied us to the clubhouse the other day, he fought with Bryce to protect you. His actions made me think that he’s quite manly. He might’ve done a lot of things wrong, but he’s slowly trying to be a good father and husband.”

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