Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1563

Catherine added helplessly, “Of course, it’s mainly because you’re pregnant with Rodney’s child and both of you are officially married. If he’s really remorseful, can’ t you give him another chance? ”

Freya pouted and moaned, “Given that he speaks so meanly, would I die early if I live with him for the rest of my life?”

“Isn’t that good? If he lives with you for the rest of his life, he might die early due to your provocation as well. It’s nice to have someone die with you.”

When the scornful laughter resounded, Freya lost her temper. “Catherine Jones…”

“Enough. Be content that you have a chicken to eat. From the moment Shaun and I married, split up, and gave birth, he has never cooked any chicken broth for me, ” Catherine said in a grim tone, “ Thanks to you, I don’t feel good. After I made peace with Shaun, he said he’ll make time to cook for me. In the end, he’s been tied up all the time. What a liar that man is. It turned out to be a trick.”

Freya could not help but giggle secretly. Catherine and Shaun had always been the ones who acted all lovey-dovey in front of her. Little did she expect that she would one day do the same to Catherine.

“Fine. I’ll stop here now. I’m going to check if Rodney bought a chicken. If I don’t get to drink the chicken broth, I’m going to kill him.”

Freya hung up the phone like a queen.

Luckily, Rodney made it even though it was not known where he got a fresh chicken. Wearing an apron, he was trying hard to cut the chicken into chunks.

Moved by his act, Freya could not resist snapping a photo of him secretly. She then sent the photo to Catherine to show off.

A moment later, Catherine sent a sticker that read ‘ We’re not friends anymore’.

Freya pursed her lips and smiled.

Shortly after, Catherine sent another WhatsApp message. [I admire you guys so much. It’s been a long while since Shaun and I had a joyful meal together. I don’t even feel like preparing a meal sometimes.]

Freya felt a twinge of guilt. Compared to the pressure Catherine and Shaun were facing at this point, Freya and Rodney were much more fortunate.

With the Snow family backing them, Freya and Rodney were not stressed.

Seemingly… She should be content.

Well… She would treat Rodney slightly better then.

At noon, Rodney cooked a big pot of golden chicken broth. He had simmered it for more than an hour in a cooker. The broth smelled good.

As Freya had a baby in her belly, she naturally became hungry once she sensed the aroma of the broth.

“ It was my fault… in the hospital this morning, ” Rodney took the initiative to apologize to her unexpectedly. “ I shouldn’t have said that you’re fat. Actually, I didn’t mean to taunt you. There’s nothing wrong with being plump. Your chubby face looks quite… cute.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he turned his face away. His ears were burning.

F*ck. As if it was his first time saying such cheesy words to her, he found it really awkward.

Freya felt weird too.

She had long since gotten used to the way of getting along with him where they would argue several times a day. All of a sudden, he came to her and called her cute.

That feeling made it seem as though pigs might fly.

Although it was strange, she… she was a little heartened.

After all, who would hate being complimented? In particular, she was a pregnant woman who was starting to grow in size.

“I’m naturally cute.” Freya took a ladle and snorted in a self-righteous manner. “ Back then, I was so pretty that my cuteness was invisible. Now that my prettiness has faded a little, my cuteness has become irresistible.”

“Ahem. ” Rodney felt lucky that he had not drunk the soup. Otherwise, he would have choked.

“Is there anything you disagree with? You can voice it out, ” Freya said with a grin.

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