Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1564

“I’m fine with it, ” Rodney replied as he subconsciously withdrew his leg for fear that it would be stepped on again.

Freya nodded in contentment. She gulped down two bowls of soup in feeling good.

The following night. Jubilee International Hotel.

A modest yet grand banquet was being held in the dining hall located on the top floor.

Rows of cars filled the hotel’s parking lot.

Although the Snow Corporation was said to be the organizer of the banquet, a lot of people were under no illusions that Nathan was the one backing the company. Those who could attend the banquet were no ordinary people.

Given that Freya was pregnant, the Snow family did not ask her to serve the guests. Instead, they made Rodney accompany her. The two of them only arrived at the banquet hall at 7:30 p.m.

Shortly after, Shaun and Catherine showed up.

Shaun was dressed in a three -piece dark gray suit with one hand in his pocket while the other rested on Catherine’s shoulder. In contrast, Catherine wore a floral dress with embroidered butterflies. The butterflies seemed so real as if they were about to flutter. The color of the dress might seem dull, but when it was matched with her curvy figure, she looked elegant and alluring.

As Catherine and Shaun were walking, many people gazed at them in amazement.

Freya could not help but glance at Shaun’s tall and sturdy figure. When she shifted her eyes to the flashy Rodney who was dressed in a green suit, she clicked her tongue feeling conflicted.

“Why did you ‘ tsk’?” Rodney felt humiliated. “Do I look worse than Shaun?”

“No, ” Freya said and sighed from the bottom of her heart. “Clearly, Shaun is the handsome, arrogant president that one would find in a novel, whereas you just look like an effeminate man. You’re the so- called eye candy.”

Rodney was at a loss for words.

He lost his temper. He scowled at the handsome and cool Shaun who was walking toward him.

Shaun approached Rodney, only to find Rodney staring at him resentfully. “Did I offend you?”

Rodney sized him up and down with disgust. “Why are you always dressed in dull and plain clothing? Please. It’s boring.”

Shaun did not get mad. He fixed his eyes on Rodney impassively and teased, “I’ll be in trouble if you’re interested in me. After all, I’m not into men.”

Freya giggled, and a smile flashed across Catherine’s face as well. “Young Master Snow, you shouldn’t argue with him. He’s brutal.”

“How am I brutal? When I speak to you, I’m always very sweet, ” Shaun immediately turned to look at his wife affectionately.

Catherine rolled her eyes at him. “Oh well, you spoke harshly to me a lot back then.”

“Enough. I didn’t ask you guys over to act all lovey- dovey. ” Then, Rodney gestured to them with his chin. “Chester is here.”

Everyone turned their eyes in that direction, yet Shaun and Catherine looked at him strangely. With a tall and sturdy figure, he looked handsome in a maroon suit. Nevertheless, he was wearing a face mask. What was wrong with him?

“Well, Eliza bit Chester and injured his mouth,” Rodney grimaced like a busybody.

Shaun raised his brows, yet Catherine frowned before she said, “It serves him right.”

“Aw. Don’t say that. Chester has decided not to marry Cindy, so technically, he’s not playing the field.” Rodney stood up for his buddy. Catherine was astonished. Even so, she was pleased to hear the news. “Can Cindy accept it?”

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