Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1565

Rodney scoffed and said, “ If Cindy can’t accept it, I guess Chester will make her kneel and accept it. ”

Catherine and Freya exchanged glances.

Shaun placed his hand around Catherine’s waist. “In terms of viciousness, I can’t compare with Chester.”

Rodney might appear somber, while Chester seemed like an elegant doctor in a white coat, but no one among the three of them could be as vicious as Chester.

When Chester caught sight of them from a distance, he waved his hand but did not walk toward them.

Rodney chuckled and said, “I bet Chester is too shy to come here. Damn… Isn’t that Wesley, that b* stard? Why did he come with Gavin?”

Gavin was the then Senator Mead. Now that he had risen to the rank of Minister Mead, a lot of people went to flatter him the minute he showed up.

Wesley, who was right beside Minister Mead, looked quite different than before. At this point, he looked like Minister Mead’s favorite person as Minister Mead kept introducing the guests to him.

No matter how terrible Wesley’s reputation was, everyone at the banquet was so shrewd that they did not bring up his past. Instead, they shook hands with Wesley and chatted happily with him.

Catherine became glum at the sight of the scene. She had spent a lot of effort destroying Wesley’s reputation, only to see him regain his power in Canberra by taking advantage of Minister Mead.

Wesley seemed to have caught sight of her. He raised his brows and shifted his gaze to her.

A moment later, he whispered to the others before he walked up to Catherine.

“Wifey, come over, ” Wesley said as he waved at Catherine with a loving expression. “As my wife, how dare you stay with another guy and sleep at his place. Even if you don’t care about your dignity, I do. You have to follow me home later.”

Catherine was extremely put out by his words. “ I remember that our divorce papers have been sent to your place. The lawyer in charge of our divorce should’ve received it as well. I sincerely hope that you’ll sign it as soon as possible.”

“You’re still my wife as long as I don’t sign the papers. ” Wesley adjusted his glasses. “ Normally, I’ll turn a blind eye to it. But on this important occasion, everyone’s with their wives and official girlfriends. Cathy, you’d rather attend this banquet bearing the identity of Shaun’s lover, huh? Are you so shameless?”

A hint of hatred flashed across Catherine’s eyes.

Shaun held her hands tightly with his grave, handsome face. “She’s the mother of my child and the woman I love the most. Well, you’re the one who made tonight’s banquet seem so cheap.”

After a pause, Shaun turned around and looked at Rodney. He then asked, “Rodney, why did the Snow family invite such an ill-mannered person here?”

“I have no idea either. Perhaps he came here with no shame by taking advantage of Minister Mead.”

Rodney was so cooperative that he even ran to Minister Mead on purpose and said so loudly that many people could hear, “Uncle Gavin, how could you bring Wesley here? You look down on the Snow’s banquet, huh? It’s not that I don’t respect him, but he cheats on women.

“After he got stabbed, he bluffed by saying that his kidney had been damaged for the sake of saving a woman when, in fact, he was all well. Not only that,

he claimed that he loved his wife when he secretly made out with his female secretary. They even acted indecently in the office from time to time.

After he was exposed, he even physically abused Catherine…”

After Minister Mead heard Rodney’s words, his face turned grim. After all, he was the one who brought Wesley in. Seeing those disdainful looks of people around him, he immediately said, “It could be a mis— ”

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