Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1566

However, Rodney did not give Minister Mead the chance to continue. With his voice raised, he said,“ Uncle Gavin, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying this to blame you. I’m just worried that the naive young ladies would fall for Wesley’s appearance of a polite, business elite and end up being cheated on. Playing with their feelings and bodies is one thing, but the scariest thing is when he abuses or betrays them. That’ll be terrible.”

“Uh… Minister Mead, I see Director Snow is there. I’m going to greet him. ” A political dignitary pulled his daughter away immediately after giving the excuse.

Subsequently, other political dignitaries and wealthy figures made their excuses and left.

Although Wesley’s pharmaceutical group was doing well, it would be troublesome if their daughters fell for such an odious character.

Minister Mead was embarrassed and infuriated. “ Young Master Snow, how dare you make me look so bad.”

“Uncle Gavin, don’t say that. I did this only because I take you as my biological uncle.”

Indeed, Rodney was extremely shameless. He even cast a look at Hannah behind and waved at her. “ Hannah, it’s been a while since we met. You’ve grown much prettier, but you should stay away from Wesley, that beast. Don’t let him play with your body and feelings.”

“I’m not that stupid.” The words escaped Hannah’s mouth.

She wanted to tease Catherine for being stupid. However, only after she finished speaking did it occur to her that the Mead family was the one who brought Wesley here.

“Yeah. You’re not that stupid, and I’m relieved to hear that.” Rodney cackled.

Minister Mead, who had been acting complacent of late, instantly became so exasperated that his face flushed. He glared at Rodney before he turned around and walked away.

Wesley’s temples twitched. He had originally planned to get acquainted with some noblemen using Minister Mead’s identity. Nevertheless, Rodney had destroyed his plan.

Clenching his fists, Wesley suddenly walked up to Rodney. Then, he said with a mirthless smile, “ Young Master Snow, as the eldest young master of the Snow family, I honestly think that you’ve dragged the Snows’ name down with your behavior. Do you know what this behavior of yours is? You’re like Shaun’s dog that does whatever he instructs.”

“You’re trying to provoke me and destroy my relationship with Shaun, huh? Haha. Dream on. ” Rodney chuckled. “But come to think of it, judging from the way you came in with Minister Mead just now, you look exactly like a dog. Only the bark was missing.”

Wesley’s facial expression contorted for a moment before he suddenly flashed a smile at Catherine.

“Cathy, you’re my wife, and this is the fact. ” With that, Wesley took out a marriage certificate from his pocket. “Want to be with Shaun legally? I don’t think that’s ever going to be possible. Well, let’s see how much longer Shaun can protect you. One day, I’ll make you go to bed with me.”

After he was done speaking, he tagged along with Minister Mead to the other side.

Shaun fixed his eyes on Wesley’s back. His grim gaze made him look as if he was going to tear Wesley into pieces.

He had to admit that the sight of the marriage certificate pierced his heart.

Back then, he did not know how to appreciate her. However, now that Catherine shared the marriage certificate with someone else, it felt extremely infuriating.

“Damn. Is he crazy? Shaun, he’s obviously trying to provoke you by carrying the marriage certificate around with him, ” Rodney said sympathetically.

“To be honest, it’s just a marriage certificate. He can’t change my mind with it.” Catherine held Shaun’s hands in a surprisingly cool manner.

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