Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1567

Shaun caressed Catherine’s head.

He also fought back his unpleasant feelings.

He knew that the most upset person should not be him but Catherine.

Nobody would want to be married to Wesley, that b* stard.

“Let’s go. I’ll take you to greet Elder Snow.” Shaun pulled her into his arms and left.

Freya darted a glance at Rodney, who was beside her, and suddenly gave him a thumbs up. “You did a pretty good job just now.”

“Ahem. ” Rodney was on cloud nine. “Of course. I have quite a lot of strengths.”

“Yeah. Hardly any man’s mouth can compare to yours. When you used to criticize Catherine and me, I really wished I could throw you into the toilet bowl. But when I saw you lashing out at the person I hate, I was quite pleased, to say the least. ” Now that Freya looked at Rodney, he was much less of an eyesore.

Rodney was at a loss for words. Was she praising him or condemning him?

After Catherine accompanied Shaun to entertain the guests, the hotel staff took the two of them to the highest floor of the hotel.

Tonight’s banquet was held on two floors.

The guests on the first floor could dance and chat. However, not anyone could step onto the second floor.

Of course, everyone knew full well that Nathan, the prime minister, was on the second floor.

When Catherine and Shaun arrived at the door to the lounge, a secretary shot Catherine a troubled look. “The prime minister has something to discuss with Young Master Hill…”

“I’ll wait outside then.”

Catherine instantly understood that there were some confidential and important matters between Nathan and Shaun. It was only normal that Nathan did not want her to learn about it.

“Don’t go down. Wait for me here. ” Worried that she would bump into Wesley, Shaun reminded her

before he entered the lounge.

With that, Catherine wandered along the corridor, enjoying the night view of the city.

This hotel had over 1oo floors. When she gazed out of the French window, she could see the illuminations of the whole city, whose beauty was otherworldly. However, Catherine did not move closer to the window due to her fear of heights.

After wandering around for a while, there was a spacious balcony in front of her. A sturdy figure dressed in white was seated on the couch, looking down at the chess pieces on the table and contemplating the game.

It was him…

Catherine was taken aback. She did not expect Titus’s presence here.

However, as Matthew had hinted to her before, she knew the Costner family’s background was unusual.

After hesitating for two seconds, she turned around to walk away.

Titus’s throaty voice then sounded behind her. “ Seeing me and leaving without a greeting? Don’ t you have basic manners, Miss Jones?”

Catherine rubbed her forehead. She turned around and replied, “I’m afraid you’ll suspect that I’m approaching you with a purpose, Mr. Costner.”

“As far as I know, you’ve just helped Hill Corporation overcome an obstacle with your skillful performance. I’m aware of your intention. At this point, you won’t be bothered to ask me for anything. ” Titus picked up the wine glass beside him and took a sip of red wine.

Catherine smiled openly. “Mr. Costner, since you can’t see the value in Hill Corporation, I don’t think I can get you to help it in any way. That’s why I don’t wish to approach you, only for you to find me annoying. Of course, it’ll be good if I can solve it myself. After all, no one likes to beg people.”

“Do you think Hill Corporation has weathered the storm?” Titus asked tauntingly.

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