Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1568

Catherine was startled. “You seem to know something, Mr. Costner.”

Titus kept quiet.

Catherine laughed and said, “Look how silly I am. Considering that you could come to this floor and play chess, your identity must be far different from mine. You should be at least as powerful as the prime minister.”

“You don’t have to probe me.” Titus turned his head around and glanced at the woman in a dress. Her astuteness and intelligence reminded him of the scene when he first met Sheryl back then. “ Come and take a seat. Have a look at this game with me.”

Catherine walked up to him nonchalantly. She was quite familiar with chess.

However, Titus seemed to have come to a dead position in the game.

“I was playing chess with someone just now. Please think of a way out for me. I’m going to lose.”

Titus’s azure eyes expressed a sense of helplessness. “ I’m not good at this type of chess. ”

“ If I help you, I should be rewarded in some way, ” Catherine replied with a grin.

Titus threw her a look. “You really do know how to push your luck, huh?”

“Given your unusual identity, I’m asking for a reward so that I can take advantage of you. I definitely won’t want to miss this opportunity.” Catherine said with a smile, “Besides, I believe the person who is playing this game with you has an outstanding identity too. He’s Prime Minister Snow, right?”

Titus chuckled. Many people wanted to take advantage of him.

Even Sheryl’s daughter, Rebecca, wanted to take advantage of him. Nevertheless, none of them was as frank as Catherine, and frank and clever people would never annoy him.

“ If I help you to defeat the prime minister in this game without being rewarded, I don’t think that’s fair.” Catherine raised her brows.

“Fine. If you manage to win this game for me, I’ll help you save one person when you encounter a problem next time. But it’s only limited to one person,” Titus said after some thought. “Alright.”

Catherine nodded before she spontaneously bent over and moved one of the pawns in front of him.

After fixing his eyes on it for a while, Titus burst out laughing. “Amazing. This is amazing. Why didn’t I think of it?”

“It’s not because you didn’t think of it. You’re just not familiar with this type of chess,” Catherine answered with a smile.

“Fine. Everyone has their own strengths, and chess is my weakness. I’m not shy to admit it.”

Titus waved his hand in a light-hearted manner.

A trace of admiration shone in Catherine’s eyes. “Mr. Costner, I think my boyfriend is done, so I have to go now, lest he comes over and disturbs you.”

Titus asked playfully, “How sure are you that he’ll disturb me when he comes over?”

“I don’t know. But considering your status, I don’t think you’ll want to meet any random person. Of course, if Shaun performs well, he’ll be able to get acquainted with a powerhouse like you. But if the contrary happens, you’ll see us as having scheming minds. ” Catherine expressed her worries candidly.

“You’re right.” Titus nodded, his eyes flashing with praise. “But don’t you need any proof of the promise I made just now?”

“Given your status, I don’t think it’s warranted, Mr. Costner. What’s more, if you really plan to go back on your word, there’s nothing I can do about it. Even writing a note as proof will be useless.” Catherine glanced at the time. “Goodbye, Mr. Costner.”

Soon after she left, someone walked out from a dark corner.

Wesley lowered his head and gazed at the photos in his hand. From these photos, Catherine and Titus were seen standing at one side of the chessboard, with one of them standing and the other sitting.

Titus’s lips were smiling with satisfaction.

Resentment filled Wesley’s heart.

He did not expect Catherine to run into Titus, who was supposed to hate her. However, he actually had a pleasant chat with her.

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