Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1570

After Sheryl finished speaking, Rebecca’s phone suddenly vibrated.

Rebecca took out her phone, only to see two photos of Titus and Catherine that Wesley had sent. She wondered when did Titus meet Catherine. They even seemed to be on good terms.

She grasped Wesley’s point in an instant.

“What’s the matter?” Sheryl turned around upon noticing that Rebecca had remained still.

“Mom, my friend bumped into Catherine at tonight’s banquet, but why was she with Uncle Titus?” Rebecca feigned confusion and showed her the photos.

Sheryl was stunned to see the photos.

Titus was usually a cold fish, but he seemed very close to Catherine in the photo. Sheryl wondered what Catherine had told him to make him smile.

Having slept beside him for more than ten years, Sheryl could tell whether it was a sincere smile or not.

In fact, countless young women had been deliberately trying to approach Titus over the years. However, she was under no illusion that he was loyal to her. The woman in the photo… bore a closing resemblance to her— no, the woman looked very much like her younger self.

Although Sheryl was still beautiful and in good shape, what were women most sensitive to?

They were afraid that their husbands would meet a woman who resembled them and looked much younger than them.

This would make it easy for men to substitute their wives with a younger woman.

Sheryl’s pretty face immediately stiffened for a moment.

At that moment, a sense of panic and irritation that she had never felt before welled up inside her.

Nevertheless, she tried hard to suppress it.

Rebecca glanced at Sheryl’s expression and said, “I need to text this friend to tell him that it’s okay to take photos of Catherine. But if Uncle Titus finds out about it, he’ll be in trouble.”

After that, Rebecca pretended to text seriously in front of Sheryl. Upon sending the message, she said playfully, “Mom, please don’t ever tell Uncle Titus about it. I’m afraid he’ll cause my friend trouble. Having said that, you should remind Uncle Titus that Catherine is very cunning. I’m worried he’ll be swayed after seeing someone who looks like you. ”

“Rebecca. ” Sheryl leaped to her feet. “ I won’t tell him about it. You can head to your room and rest.”

“Mm. You should rest early too. ” Rebecca then left with the glass in her hand.

Once the door was closed, Sheryl picked up her phone to call Titus. However, after she found his number, fury burned within her for some inexplicable reason, and she tossed the phone onto the floor straight away.

Only at 1o:oo p.m. did Titus sneak into the bedroom. All of a sudden, Sheryl sat up on the bed.

Titus was shocked. He quickly smiled and hugged her. “Wifey, did I wake you up?”

However, Sherly only felt as though she smelled a woman’s scent on his body. She then pushed him away forcefully. “Get lost. I’m disgusted by the woman’s scent on your body.”

Titus was puzzled. Nevertheless, he lowered his head and sniffed at himself. “No. This is my scent,

isn’t it?”

“Stop arguing. I can smell it.” Sheryl kept an impassive face.

Titus felt aggrieved for being wronged. He immediately took off his suit and threw it at her. “ Smell it properly. Where’s the woman’s scent?

Something must be wrong with your nose.”

Those photos flashed across Sheryl’s mind once again. She could not help but sweep the suit to the floor. “ Let me ask you. Where did you go today? ”

“The Snow family invited me to their banquet. I discussed something with Nathan and asked him to let the Zeller family off the hook.”

“Really?” Sheryl scoffed. With that, she was more convinced that he was lying. He was having a pleasant chat with Catherine instead. “So have you discussed your plans to handle Shaun and Catherine?”

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