Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1571

“Nathan doesn’t want to have a hand in it, and the Hill family has dirt on him. Given that it’s our personal vendetta, there’s no need to cause social unrest,” Titus said honestly. Besides, he had a favorable impression of Catherine.

Sheryl snorted. “If that’s the case, when can I take revenge on behalf of my mom and Rebecca? If you can’t do it or you don’t feel like doing it, I’ll do it myself. There are still certain things I can handle without you.”

Titus found those words nasty. “Sherry, if you want to deal with Shaun and Catherine quickly, all you can do is pressure Nathan. I know what methods you’re planning to solve it with. It’s going to cause global turmoil, and it’s really unnecessary to go to that extent.”

“I guess it’s because you don’t want to deal with them. Is it because you’ve met Catherine? You can’t bear to do it to her, huh?” Sheryl suddenly teased him and said, “She looks very much like me when I was younger.”

Titus was shocked. Staring at the cold woman on the bed who refused to believe him, he suddenly felt a sense of unfamiliarity and disappointment. “ Sherry, what do you mean?”

“I’ve seen Catherine’s looks.” Sheryl replied nonchalantly, “ Some nieces look similar to their aunts, and she does look quite like me. Perhaps you can’t bear to deal with her after meeting her. If you take her as my younger self, what’s going to happen to me? After all, I’m not as young as her.”

Titus finally grasped her point. However, he also lost his temper. “Sheryl, am I such a dirty man to you?” His eyes were filled with fury.

At the sight of his exasperated look, Sheryl felt aggrieved and heartbroken. As far as she could remember, Titus had never been so fierce to her. However, he was now furious with her because of Catherine.

“Titus Costner, what a b*stard you are.” Sheryl lifted a pillow and hurled it at him. “Get out.”

Titus gnashed his teeth. Then, he bit the bullet and calmed her with a soft tone, “Sherry, it really saddens me that you perceive me this way. Don’t you know my feelings for you by now?”

Upon noticing that his tone had softened, Sheryl began to pull herself together. “ I won’t believe you unless you bring Catherine here and let me teach her a lesson, or you send her to jail.”

Titus went quiet.

He knew the lesson that Sheryl wanted to teach Catherine was certainly not a simple one.

He must have proof before sending Catherine to jail. Otherwise, why did he need the Zeller family to oppress Shaun?

“Sherry, you’re not talking sense…”

“If you can’t do it, get out,” Sheryl roared in agitation when she caught him hesitating.

He never used to hesitate when she ordered him to do things back then. Yet this time, he actually hesitated.

Titus pursed his thin lips grimly before turning around and walking out of the room.

In the dark, Sheryl could not resist tossing and pulling her blanket.

She had no idea what was wrong with herself either. Perhaps it was her insecurities about her marriage that contributed to it.

The next day.

When Matthew stretched his body and walked out, he suddenly saw his father coming out of the study.

He widened his eyes and swiftly approached him. “ Dad, did Mom kick you out of the room?”

Sheryl used to do that to him, but it was always with reason. However, this time, it was different.

Annoyed, Titus criticized in a low voice, “ I have no idea what’s on your mom’s mind. She actually suspects that I’m interested in Catherine.”

“What?” Matthew froze.

He could not understand his mother either. Was she not aware of Titus’s feelings for her? Titus was almost her slave.

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