Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1572

During breakfast, the usually warm atmosphere felt as though the air conditioner was switched on.

Sheryl suddenly said, “After sleeping on it, I’ve decided that the two of you shouldn’t get involved in our Jones family’s personal vendetta.”

Matthew choked on his egg. “Mom, what are you planning to do?”

“Mom, what happened between you and Uncle Titus?” Rebecca also had a confused look on her face when, in fact, she was secretly pleased. She did not expect her plan to work out so soon.

Thanks to the drug, Sheryl had become temperamental. Otherwise, the sensible Sheryl would not have gotten cheated so easily.

“This is the adults’ matter. You guys shouldn’t bother with it.”

At that, Sheryl put down her cutleries and walked away.

Matthew discreetly shifted his gaze to his father. Titus rubbed his brows before turning around and

saying to Matthew, “Have someone keep an eye on Catherine in case something happens to her.”

“Dad…” Matthew was slightly surprised. “ Previously, didn’t you…”

“I objected to it previously. But after talking to her a few times, I’ve somewhat understood your viewpoint.” Titus said, “What’s more, through this incident, I’ve realized that Shaun isn’t that simple. If something happens to Catherine before we deal with him, he’ll drag us down and make us suffer together. By then, we might not be able to leave Australia safely, considering that most of our

people aren’t here.”

“Dad, you’re brilliant.” Matthew raised his thumb.

Little did Catherine know that she was already in someone’s crosshairs.

Ever since Hudson Corporation was transferred to Freya, Catherine did not have to go to the office. So, every day, she would come up with some architectural sketches and keep her two kids company at home.

Sometimes, she would watch the news. Hill Corporation had been low-profiled recently. On the contrary, Golden Corporation suddenly came into

prominence by setting up three branches and taking on 80 percent of the production of local vaccines.

Within a week, Golden Corporation had become one of the top five enterprises in Australia.

Wesley was now at the height of his career.

Who would have expected that the then infamous Wesley would be able to turn things around so rapidly?

Catherine understood that the moment Wesley began to take revenge on her would signify the end of Shaun and her peaceful life.

At this thought, she strongly yearned for the peaceful life she was currently having with Shaun. Shaun happened to be too busy to come back for lunch again, so Catherine prepared two more dishes and brought them to him straight away.

She went all the way to the top floor, only to find that Shaun had gone down for a meeting. After she sat in his office waiting for half an hour, he returned at last.

“Cathy, what brings you here?” A look of delight washed over Shaun’s face.

“I came to make a spot check. I want to check if you’re keeping a mistress here. ” Catherine joked with a grin.

“I do keep one here, and here she is.” Shaun hugged her and gave her a kiss.

Catherine instantly turned shy and pushed him away. “Please. Aren’t you afraid that the tigress in your house finds out about it?”

“Is the tigress as fierce as you?” Shaun pinched her face. “The tigress is fierce in bed and out of bed. ”

“What a pervert.” Catherine rolled her eyes at him before she passed him a lunchbox. “Here’s your lunch.”

“Thanks, my wife. Let’s eat together.” Just as Shaun opened the lunchbox, he suddenly heard a security guard’s voice outside.

“Stop there. You guys can’t enter. This is the chairman’s office.”

“Get lost. It’s up to us to enter as we please.”

After the pompous shout, the half—closed office door was kicked open.

Two Black bodyguards, who looked sturdily built and threatening, first came in and stood at the door. After that, Rebecca strutted into the office in a red skirt. She was also wearing a pair of sunglasses, a hat while holding a purse.

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