Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1573

Behind Rebecca was a middle-aged male foreigner. He was wearing a black suit, oozing an aura akin to that of a Wall Street business elite.

“Rebecca Jones, are you out of your mind? What gives you the right to enter this place as you please?” Catherine immediately got up from Shaun’s lap.

Looking at Rebecca’s dramatic entrance, Catherine had a sinking feeling.

Shaun’s thoughts were similar to hers, but he looked much graver and calmer. His eyes swept over the foreigner behind Rebecca whom he found familiar.

With his good memory, Shaun instantly recalled who the foreigner was. A hint of surprise flashed across his dark gaze.

“Apparently, you came prepared.” Shaun knitted his brows together, his eyes darkening.

“It seems that you recognize me, Chairman Hill.” The middle -aged man said with a smile, “Let me officially introduce myself once again. I’m Julian Grayson.”

Rebecca smiled smugly at the sight of Shaun’s sullen expression. “Catherine Jones, you’re such a dumb*ss. Let me introduce him to you. He’s Julian Grayson, the top merger and acquisitions specialist in the world. With the help of Mr. Grayson’s team, we’ve acquired 5o percent of Hill Corporation’s shares.”

Catherine’s head buzzed. As she was not familiar with finance-related matters, she was slightly confused after hearing it. “This is impossible. How could the shareholders of Hill Corporation have given you their shares?”

Moreover, it was extremely unlikely that Shaun had not received any news about such a serious issue.

“It’s because they acquired it with evil intentions. ”

Shaun put his hand on Catherine’s shoulder heavily. Seemingly, he was trying hard to fight back the rage inside him.

Catherine turned around and realized that Shaun’s expression was still calm. However, there was a surge of bottomless grimness in the depths of his eyes.

All of a sudden, she took pity on Shaun as he had put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into Hill Corporation. To the Hills, the company was their everything. He had taken great pains to overcome the obstacle when the company was under investigation, only to discover that Rebecca now owned half of Hill Corporation.

“You don’t have to know how I acquired Hill Corporation. Anyway, I’m now on an equal footing with you in the company. In this case, why can’t I come to your office? I can even…”

Rebecca strutted toward the desk and pressed her hands on it. “I can even demand this office.”

“You b*tch.” Unable to tolerate Rebecca’s behavior, Catherine lifted her hand to slap Rebecca.

Nevertheless, the bodyguard behind Rebecca was quicker in grabbing hold of Catherine’s hand.

As much as Catherine wanted to escape his grasp, she noticed that the bodyguard was much stronger than her.

This realization began to fill her with fear. To her, she was considered very skillful.

Where on earth did Rebecca meet such a person?

“Let go of her.” Shaun punched the Black bodyguard.

The bodyguard could not be bothered about Shaun either until his nose began to bleed. That was when he furiously called out to another colleague to attack Shaun together.

They got into a fight in the office in a flash. With that, Hadley dashed in with his bodyguard.

As Rebecca was happily watching the scene, her head suddenly hurt. Catherine had pulled her and stretched out her hand to slap her.

“Catherine Jones, I definitely will not let you off the hook.” Rebecca yelled hysterically, “Quickly, save m e and kill her.”

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