Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1574

“Shut up.” Catherine directly pulled Rebecca toward her. In a state of panic, the two bodyguards stopped fighting.

Oh no. They were going to watch the First Young Lady get beaten up.

“Hurry up, and let go of First Young Lady, or I’ll put you through hell, ” one of the bodyguards shouted.

At the sight of the situation, Shaun was the first to say, “There’s no need to continue fighting. Let’s set our hands free at the same time.”

After Catherine exchanged glances with Shaun, she shoved Rebecca to that bodyguard.

At this moment, Rebecca’s image of an eminent young lady was gone. She pointed at Catherine and said in exasperation, “Kill her— no, pull all her hair off and slap her ten times.”

“First Young Lady…” The two bodyguards, who were in a dilemma, pointed to the back. “Look… ”

“What is there to look at?” Rebecca turned around, only to see a crowd of bodyguards at the door. She scowled.

She covered her painful face and said with dissatisfaction, “Catherine Jones, just wait. I’ll definitely settle this score with you. I didn’t come here today to fight. I just want to let you guys know that I own half of Hill Corporation from today onward, so I have every right to manage it.”

After she was done speaking, she asked someone to toss the agreement onto the desk. “From today onward, my team will be stationed in Hill Corporation. To be honest, I’m not happy with you being the chairman, and I seriously doubt your ability. Hill Corporation has been established for over 1oo years but has only brought in so little profit every year. I think something’s wrong with

the management, so there’s a need to restructure it.”

Shaun cast an indifferent look at Rebecca in front of him. Then, he suddenly scoffed and said, “Rebecca Jones, I regret my decision. Back then, I shouldn’t have sold you to the mountains and made you marry the old man.”

At the mention of the incident, Rebecca’s face turned ghastly.

That was the worst humiliation in her life.

Shaun added cruelly, “I should’ve killed you by dumping you into the sea.”

“Unfortunately, I’m still alive. Shaun, you tortured me so terribly back then. I swore that I’d come back and take revenge on you one day. Just wait. This is only the beginning.” After Rebecca provoked him, she turned around. “Now, I’m going to take a tour. By the way, I’ve never been to the factory and lab.”

Once she left, Shaun called Hadley over. “Get a group of people to follow her to the lab and factory. Don’t let her enter those places.”

Hadley felt uneasy. “I can stop her today, but what if she brings in more people tomorrow? Besides, the two bodyguards are as good as our Liona members.”

“Get Liona members here then. Let’s see how she can still boss people around in Hill Corporation by then,” Shaun responded coldly.

Seeing him stifling his anger, Hadley nodded.

“Shaunny, what on earth is going on?” At this moment, Catherine still could not figure out how or why Rebecca owned half of Hill Corporation.

Shaun thumped his fist on the table.

He admitted that he had never failed or fumed so badly. He had never been this exasperated even when Hill Corporation fell.

“The person you saw just now is Julian Grayson, the top merger and acquisitions specialist in the world. He has a team of financial specialists who’ll do everything to acquire other companies. However, not everyone can hire such a team.”

Shaun forced a smile and explained, “As far as I know, it requires at least 200 billion dollars to hire Julian Grayson.”

Catherine looked dumbfounded. No one would spend 200 billion dollars hiring his team unless they were the wealthiest people in the world.

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