Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1575

“Of course, since they’ve successfully acquired many shareholders’ shares without my knowledge, it means the price they’ve offered must be attractive. They could have threatened or enticed the shareholders too.”

Shaun clenched his fists. “The price they offered was definitely much higher than the market price. The person behind Rebecca is not simple at all and must be one of the few wealthiest people in the world.”

Catherine was astounded. “Why would that person let Rebecca waste so much of their money?”

“You’re right. Spending so much money acquiring Hill Corporation to let Rebecca vent her anger is such a waste. ” Shaun was baffled. “They must be crazy. They’re not even her biological parents.”

Catherine also found those people to be crazy.

At this moment, she wished she could meet the person behind Rebecca and beat him up.

“How many shareholders are left in Hill

Corporation?” Catherine asked anxiously

Shaun glanced at her helplessly. “My mom, aunt, uncle, and I.”

Catherine was speechless.

In this regard, all the shareholders’ shares had been acquired except for the Hill family’s.

“In other words, Rebecca has become the largest shareholder in Hill Corporation, right?” A while later, she stated the fact in agony.

Shaun scowled as he nodded. Beneath his eyelashes was nothing but grimness. “Let’s head to the Hill family’s residence.”

During their journey, Director Owens took the initiative to call Shaun. His words were filled with apologies. “Shaun, I’m really sorry…”

Shaun’s thin lips curled up indifferently. “Director Owens, you were my grandpa’s best friend back then, and that was why you became the largest shareholder in Hill Corporation. How dare you betray the company in secret.”

The other end of the phone was quiet for a while before Director Owens replied in embarrassment, “ Shaun, I was left with no choice. My sons’ business investments out there have been failing one after

another. At this point, everyone in the Owens family is counting on me. Given that I have so many descendants, I need to leave something for them.”

“Haven’t you gotten huge bonuses from Hill Corporation over the years?” Shaun could no longer hold back his anger. “Moreover, the future of Hill Corporation was very promising…”

“No, Shaun. The person targeting Hill Corporation is no ordinary person. Even if I didn’t sell my shares, Hill Corporation wouldn’t be able to hold out for one year.” Director Owens said with embarrassment, “When Hill Corporation collapses after a year, how much do you think it can be sold for?”

“Director Owens, don’t you know my ability?” Shaun said furiously, “No matter how many setbacks Hill Corporation has suffered, I’ve managed to overcome all of them with my leadership. I even made Hill Corporation the top company in Australia again.”

“Shaun, the glory that Hill Corporation has right now is only superficial.” Director Owens sighed and said, “Although you have a good relationship with the Snow family, it’s only temporary. You don’t even understand the person behind this issue. Their decisions can simply affect the world. Can you afford to provoke such a person?” Shaun’s body stiffened.

Catherine, who was holding his hand beside him, was at her wits’ end as well.

“Besides, it was the other party who offered the price. I couldn’t reject it.” Director Owens laughed wryly. “They offered to buy the 3o percent of shares I had for goo billion dollars, and what was more, they paid me the amount straight away. Well, how could I not sell the shares? Even if I chose not to sell them, my sons would think of ways to kill me so that they would come into my inheritance and sell them.”

Shaun was so shocked that his eyes widened. For a long time, he did not utter a word.

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