Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1576

Indeed, that was an amount that no one could reject. “Even other minor shareholders could easily get a few hundred billion dollars, let alone me.” Director Owens’s tone was apologetic and filled with guilt.“ Shaun, I watched you grow up after all. Listen to me. Give up on Hill Corporation. Take your grandparents and the others and leave. Don’t end u p with nothing in the end.”

With that, Director Owens ended the call.

Shaun put his phone down. He lowered his head and hugged Catherine tightly. After a long while, he said in a low voice, “Cathy, take the children and my family with my dad to Country Y first.”

“What about you?” Catherine lifted her head and asked.

“I’ll go over after I wrap up everything here.”

Shaun patted her hair helplessly. “Director Owens is right. With our current ability, we won’t be able to go against the other party. They’re obviously using money to crush us and leaving us with no choice. So just leave Australia first. Didn’t we talk about this before?”

Catherine stared at Shaun for a moment before she suddenly said, “I don’t want to.”

“Cathy…” Shaun’s tone became stern.

Catherine got out of his embrace. “Do you think I don’t know? Your worries will be gone once I take your family and leave. Then, you’ll expose the person behind Rebecca and kill Rebecca even if you have to risk everything or even die with her, right? Shaun, you’re discontented.”

“Cathy, I won’t. I will look for you guys as soon as possible,” Shaun said in a low voice.

“Forget it. I won’t believe you. You could still accept the investigation the last time. But now that Rebecca has snatched your company away, she’ll ruin your efforts. Hill Corporation is your heart and soul. Your hard work all these years will become

Rebecca’s props, and this isn’t what you want to see. That is why you want to stay behind to destroy Hill Corporation and use Liona’s power to settle this once and for all, right?”

Catherine stared at him. “ Shaun, I know you well.”

He was not just an entrepreneur. He was also a person with dreams.

Hill Corporation was Shaun’s dream. Catherine had seen how happy he was these days because of the new product development.

Moreover, he was such a prideful person. Running away after getting defeated by Rebecca multiple times was not his way of doing things.

Catherine had seen through all of Shaun’s little thoughts, which made him a little annoyed. “That’s right. It’s just as what you said. Cathy, you have to think for the children. Do you wish for them to be without a mother? As for me, their father, the time I’ve spent with them hasn’t been long. They depend on you more.”

“Shaun, your words make me very disappointed. ”

Catherine let go of his hand. There was now an angry look in her eyes. “The children aren’t mine alone. You have the responsibility too. Since you don’t want to see through it, you shouldn’t have looked for me to make up with you back then.”

Shaun was hurt and ashamed by the accusation. “ What can I do? Cathy, Hill Corporation isn’t just my heart and soul. The advanced technology there consists of the fruits of many years of research in my dad’s company. Do you want me to surrender everything to Rebecca? That disgusting woman is doing whatever she wants to in Australia. I feel f*cking nauseated just by seeing it.”

Catherine felt at a loss too.

He was right. How did an ant like Rebecca grow to be where she was today?

“You should leave. I’ll deal with Rebecca and the person behind her back. I’ll destroy them.” There was a bloodthirsty coldness in Shaun’s eyes.

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