Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1577

When the car arrived at the Hill family’s manor, Shaun and Catherine had not settled the problem yet.

Catherine got down from the car and left first. She was slightly angry.

Shaun looked at her from behind for a while before he strode ahead and followed her.

When he reached the door, Valerie’s angry yelling came from the inside. “Catherine, your cousin gave me a call. You’re the one who brought all these troubles. Hill Corporation was investigated because of you too. Shaun hid the truth from us. If I were you, I’d put myself out there voluntarily so that Rebecca’s anger could quell and see if things could be settled peacefully. Anyway, you shouldn’t drag our Hill family’s 1oo-year-old business down with you.”

Catherine stood in the middle of the living room. Her straight back was trembling slightly.

Shaun found the scene unbearable to watch. “ Enough. This issue can’t be solved simply by putting Catherine out there. Rebbeca is targeting me for throwing her into the mountains last time because I wanted to teach her a lesson. I didn’t expect her to escape. We don’t know who she has met overseas in the last few years too.”

“Anyway, if you didn’t meet Catherine, we wouldn’t have offended Rebecca. Second Brother, don’t you think so?” Valerie asked Spencer.

Annoyance was written all over Spencer’s face. However, his wife, Yvette, stepped forward. Her eyes were bloodshot.

“I’m on Valerie’s side this time. I’ve really had enough. It seems like ever since Catherine showed up, the Hill family has never had a day of peace.

Willie’s illness still hasn’t improved either. If this goes on, will the Hill family be able to pay for Willie’s medical fees one day?”

After she spoke, she turned around and looked toward Catherine in agony. “I beg you to go find Rebecca and solve the problems between yourselves. Don’t get us involved in this. My son has already become a retard. If something happens to us, his parents, what should he do for the rest of his life?”

There was a lump in Catherine’s throat.

Yvette’s words were like chains wrapping around her.

Was it her fault?

Perhaps she should not have gotten back together with Shaun.

“Enough, Aunt Yvette. I’ve said it before that even if I didn’t get back together with Catherine, Rebecca would still come looking for me.” Shaun placed his long torso in front of Catherine. His voice was tense with anger. “ If you’ve had enough, just leave. I’ll shoulder everything regarding Hill Corporation.”

“How will you shoulder the responsibility? If we leave this place, besides some money we still have i n our hands, the most valuable asset we have is Hill Corporation’s shares.” Yvette said angrily, “Unless we can sell the shares to Rebecca like the other shareholders.”

“Sister-in-law is right.” Valerie stepped up too.“ I have 8 percent of the shares, and Rebecca has offered me 400 billion dollars. Mind you, this is a sky-high price.”

Seeing Valerie speaking up, Yvette raised her head too. “That’s right. This sum of money is enough for us to leave Australia and live without worry. We can look for skilled doctors overseas to treat Willie’s illness too.”

Shaun looked at his family members in utter disappointment. “So Rebecca has looked for you guys to sell your shares too.”

“She only came to us today.” Valerie said, “Besides, the other directors have called me too. We’re definitely not her opponent. If we keep the shares, maybe Hill Corporation’s stock prices will depreciate next month. By then, our shares will be worthless. Selling them off now is the best timing.”

“Shut your mouth.” Old Master Hill could no longer stand it and threw a cup at Valerie. “Did I give you the shares just to give it away? Do you know what situation Hill Corporation will face if you sell the shares?”

Valerie avoided the cup frantically. She cried out, “ Dad, can you be more realistic? I’m still young. I still have Queenie to take care of. Even if I don’t sell the shares, Hill Corporation won’t be able to hold on.”

“You… ” Old Master Hill’s fingers trembled out of anger. Finally, he looked toward his son, who had been keeping his head low. “Spencer, what do you think?”

“Dad, I just want more money. Actually, with the high price they have offered, we can take that money and establish another Hill Corporation overseas…” Spencer stammered.

“You unfilial son, do you know they’re buying the shares just to humiliate the Hill family? Are you willing to throw away your pride and dignity for the sake of money” Old Master Hill rapped the walking stick on the floor agitatedly.

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