Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1578

“Grandpa.” Shaun walked forward and patted the agitated Old Master Hill’s back. “Just let them be. Second Uncle and Aunt Valerie have their own family and kids. Everyone has their own choices.”

Valerie and Spencer both let out a sigh of relief when they saw Shaun agreeing. However, Valerie still muttered discontentedly, “We didn’t want to sell the shares at first, but we were forced to. Why did Shaun and Catherine have to offend such powerful people?”

“Get lost.” Old Master Hill desperately wanted to hit her to death with his walking stick. “Since you’ve sold the Hill family’s properties, don’t ever come back.”

“Dad, why don’t you and Mom leave with us?” Spencer said hesitantly.

“I’d rather hit my head and die than leave with you who sold your ancestors’ properties, ” Old Master Hill said furiously.

Lea did not say a word from the beginning until the end as she sat on the chair. She still had not fully

recovered from her injuries the last time. After the two people left, she said, “Shaun, what are you planning to do?”

“I’ve discussed this with cathy. You and Cathy can take Grandpa, Granny, and the children to settle down at Country Y. I’ll go over after taking care of the things here,” Shaun explained the arrangements calmly.

Catherine glanced at Shaun with mixed feelings.

Other people might not know what he was thinking, but she could see through him with just a glance.

“I can’t believe the Hill family has ended up in tatters.” Old Master Hill let out a long sigh.

Old Madam Hill consoled him, “Why haven’t you got over it? It’s fine as long as everyone is still alive.”

During dinner, the two children had just come back from preschool.

Lea suddenly called them to her. “Suzie, Lucas, are you both willing to come with us to Country Y and live there?”

“Why do we suddenly have to leave?” Suzie was confused. “Where is Country Y? Is it very far?”

“It’s quite far.” Shaun said gently, “It’s where your grandpa lives. The scenery there is very picturesque.”

“Will sc*mmy dad and Mom go too?” Lucas asked nervously.

Shaun patted his head. His eyes were downcast. “We will.”

“That’s fine then.” Suzie smiled brightly upon hearing that. “As long as our family is together, going anywhere is fine.”

Catherine gripped her fork tightly.

After the children fell asleep at night, Shaun came out of the bathroom from his shower, only to see the woman standing in front of the French windows. She was wearing white pajamas, and her long hair rested on her shoulders like silk. She exuded soft and fresh fragrance.

“Are you waiting for me…” Shaun walked over and extended his hands to hug her.

However, Catherine pushed him away. “ Shaun, if you don’t leave with me, I’ll break up with you tonight.”

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