Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1579

Shaun pretended not to hear her as he continued to walk over and hug her.

However, Catherine kept pushing, and both of them continued to shove each other in the dark.

In the end, the man was still stronger. As soon as Shaun pulled her into his embrace, he lowered his head and kissed her deeply.

“Mm… Shaun, I’m not… joking.” Catherine kept avoiding him. Finally, with much difficulty, she blocked his face with her hand.

“Cathy, if I don’t stay behind to finish off Rebecca and the person behind her, do you think Rebecca won’t chase after you once you’ve escaped overseas with the children?”

Shaun said with a hoarse voice, “I’ve discussed this with Nathan a few days ago. The force behind Rebecca isn’t too influential in Australia. However, we’re stepping into their territory if we go overseas. Even with my dad protecting you guys, squashing all of you will be as easy as squashing an ant for them. That’s why I must eliminate them in Australia. Do you understand?” Catherine was taken aback.

She understood.

Was that why Shaun wanted to use himself in exchange for her and the children’s safety?

“Then I’ll stay behind. You leave.” Catherine choked softly, “I won’t help you to take care of your grandparents and parents. I’ve been taking care of the children alone for the past few years. You haven’t even fulfilled your responsibilities as a father…”

“Cathy, listen to me. Compared to me, the children need you more.” Shaun cupped her small face.

Catherine could not see him clearly at all as her eyes were filled with tears. “Your aunt is right. I shouldn’t have come to the Hill family. You shouldn’t have met me too…”

“Don’t say that, Cathy. Regarding Rebecca, I’ve never once regretted doing those things I did. From the start, she was the one hurting you. She hurt your granny and Charity. People like that deserve it for the sins they have done.” Shaun interrupted her firmly.

Catherine was about to break down. “Why is this world so unfair? She’s so evil, yet someone is still helping her like a lunatic. What exactly did we do wrong?”

Shaun looked bitter. “Cathy, listen to me. I’ve hurt you so much in the past. There’s no need to deprive the children and yourself of your future for me.”

After he spoke, he kissed her hard. It was as if that was their last kiss.

However, Catherine did not push Shaun away anymore. Instead, she hugged him tight.

He carried her to the bed.

On the bed, their silhouettes tangled with each other tightly like vines.

The next day, when Catherine woke up, Shaun had already changed his clothes and walked out of the dressing room.

He was wearing a sapphire blue suit, which made him look handsome and very sophisticated.

Catherine’s heart could not help but throb in pain. “ Don’t go to the company today.”

Rebecca was already so arrogant after just acquiring 5o percent of the shares. If she had obtained Valerie

and Spencer’s shares yesterday, she would be more arrogant today.

If Shaun went, he would surely be humiliated by Rebecca.

“Cathy, I have to go. I’ve nurtured every single employee in Hill Corporation myself. I can’t let someone else trample all over them.”

Shaun caressed her hair with a determined gaze.“ Pack your stuff and leave tomorrow. I’ve already informed my dad. You’ll leave in his private airplane. Currently, everyone still doesn’t know that I’m the son of Garson Corporation’s director.”

Catherine unconsciously tightened her grip on the bedsheets. Shaun kissed her forehead before he left.

In the empty bedroom, Catherine gritted her teeth. Finally, she took her phone and dialed a number. “ Matthew, I want to meet your father. Tell him that he still owes me a favor.”

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