Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1580

Matthew was astonished. Actually, he knew everything Rebecca had done, but he really could not meddle in those affairs. He also hoped that he could help Catherine, so he immediately agreed after listening to her request. “Okay, I’ll contact my dad.”

At that time, Matthew had just woken up.

He immediately went downstairs to the study to look for Titus. “Dad, Catherine called me just now. She said you still owe her a favor. She wants to meet you.”

Titus understood. He did promise her that he could save a life.

He just did not expect her to look for him so quickly.

Matthew studied Titus’s unpredictable expressions and could not help but complain softly, “Dad, you should know by now, right? Mom has used a huge sum of money to hire Julian Grayson’s team for Rebecca. She even spent a few hundred billion

dollars to acquire Hill Corporation. She must’ve gone crazy.”

Titus rubbed his forehead. He just got to know about it not long ago too. After all, Sheryl’s actions were so quick that even he did not expect it.

Matthew got angrier as he thought about it. “How can Mom do such an irrational thing? Is there a need to go that far just to humiliate Shaun? Yes, she is rich, and the Costner family is rich too. However, money shouldn’t be simply spent. Moreover… She even placed all of Hill Corporation’s shares under Rebecca’s name. I don’t really care about that little bit of asset, but Mom has just reunited with Rebecca for a short time.”

Titus glanced at his son with mixed feelings.

Matthew rarely complained to him about those matters, so it was obvious that he was really pissed off.

Titus stood up and patted Matthew’s shoulder. “It’s not convenient for me to speak up. Your mom has had a lot of complaints about me lately, but you can advise your mom.”

Matthew nodded. “Are you going to meet Catherine?”

“I will since I promised her back then. Also, I’m curious as to what she’ll do in the face of your and Rebecca’s oppression.”

After Matthew came out of the study, he returned to his room with his phone in hand. He gave Catherine a call. “Sis Catherine, my dad has agreed. He says he can meet you in the afternoon.”

Unbeknownst to him, Rebecca, who was in the room next to his, had just come out after he went in. When she saw him entering his room with his phone, she walked over and lightly placed her ear on the door. She could hear what Matthew said.

Rebecca’s heart skipped a beat.

Matthew knew Catherine and even called her “ Sis Catherine”.

How could that be?

Did Catherine want to meet Titus to ask him for help?

No, Rebecca could not let Catherine have her way.

Moreover, since the Costner family’s father and son had somehow gotten to know Catherine, it seemed like Rebecca could only stir up trouble in the Costner family. Most of Hill Corporation’s shares were already under her name anyway.

In the afternoon, Sheryl was taking a nap. Just as she was fast asleep, there was a knock on the door.

“Mom, are you sleeping?” Rebecca pretended to be shocked and said, “I just saw Uncle Titus going out. I thought you had gone out with him.”

Sheryl did not have a good rest as of recent nights. Furthermore, she was just woken up from her sleep, so her whole head felt groggy. After listening to Rebecca’s words, she became annoyed.

She remembered that before they came to Australia, Titus would tell her in detail no matter where he was going. Even if they got into a fight, he would coax her immediately. They had never slept on different beds for more than three days.

However, Titus did not come to coax her this time, and he did not even inform her when he went out.

This made Sheryl very upset.

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