Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1581

Rebecca grabbed the opportunity and said, “Mom, did you get into a fight with Uncle Titus recently? He has been sleeping in the study. I don’t think it’s good for a married couple to sleep on separate beds for too long. It makes it easier for feelings to change. Many books that I’ve read said the same thing. You should take note of this.”

“Enough, you don’t have to worry about Titus and me.” Sheryl asked half-heartedly, “You went to Hill Corporation this morning. How was it?”

“I wanted to go to Hill Corporation’s laboratory and factory to have a look, but Shaun had Liona’s members stop me. They didn’t allow me to enter. It’s so infuriating.” Rebecca was upset. “I didn’t dare go against them by force. My face already

hurts a lot from Catherine slapping me yesterday.”

Sheryl looked at Rebecca’s face, which was covered in a thick layer of foundation, and was immediately overwhelmed by anger. Her daughter had been bullied by people time and time again. “Take more people with you. If you meet Catherine, return her the slap.”

“Mom, thank you. No one has ever treated me as well as you do.” Rebecca acted as if she was touched. “But I heard people saying that Catherine didn’t go to the company this afternoon. Shaun looked fearless as well. Maybe he has a trick up his sleeve.”

“I’m here. What are you worried about? Just do what you want.”

Sheryl patted the back of Rebecca’s hand to console her.

“Thank you, Mom.” After Rebecca left, Sheryl’s pretty face darkened.

Catherine did not go to the company, Titus just so happened to have gone out, and Shaun had a bold look on him.

Had Titus gone out to meet Catherine?

When that suspicion arose, Sheryl could not control it anymore.

She immediately dialed the number of her bodyguard. “Find out where Titus went.”

At a cafe in a five-star hotel.

Catherine sat on the seat beside the French windows. After waiting for more than ten minutes, she saw Titus and Matthew arriving together. Both of them were more than two meters tall. Moreover, with those well-defined, handsome features, they looked more like brothers rather than father and son.

Titus had really maintained himself well. He only looked like he was 37 or 38 years of age. Even the top male models overseas might not be able to compare to his mature figure and presence.

“Mr. Costner, Matthew. ” Catherine immediately stood up and greeted them politely.

“Catherine, why did you call my dad over?” Matthew greeted her familiarly.

“Have a seat first. I don’t know what you guys like to drink, so I didn’t dare to order.” Catherine opened the menu.

“I’ll just have a cup of coffee.” Titus sat down and crossed his long legs.

“My dad doesn’t like sugar in his, but I’ll have more sugar in mine.” Matthew waved his hand. “You two can talk first. I’m going to the bathroom. I had too many watermelons at home.”

After ordering three cups of coffee, Catherine did not beat around the bush and got straight to the point. She said, “You promised me last time that you would save a life for me.”

“Is it your life?” Titus’s gaze fell on Catherine’s stunning face. However, the bright face he saw the last time was now shrouded in a layer of gloominess. She seemed to have a lot of worries on her mind.

“No.” Catherine shook her head. “Shaun’s life.”

Titus raised his eyebrows in astonishment. “Do you know how precious this favor of mine is? You better not regret using it on other people.”

FranHy speaking, Shaun was not her husband at all. He was even a man who had hurt and betrayed her before.

“There’s nothing to regret.” Catherine smiled bitterly and said, “Recently, a lunatic has spent a huge sum of money to acquire a big portion of Hill Corporation’s shares. In fact, I know that there’s still a powerful force trying to target us, but Shaun wants to stay behind. He can’t bear to see the company that he has painstakingly managed destroyed by someone else. Secondly, he wants to prepare a path for the children and me to escape. He doesn’t care about his own safety. However, to me, he’s the person I love. He’s also the father to my children. I hope you can save his life when I leave.”

Titus’s expression was dark.

The lunatic that Catherine spoke of was his wife.

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