Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1582

The way she addressed Sheryl made Titus very unhappy. However, he had to admit that what Sheryl had done was indeed too unreasonable.

However, Catherine might not have guessed that he was the force behind the scenes that she was talking about.

That must be why she told him her plans.

“Are you sure you can leave safely?” Titus could not help but raise his eyebrows.

Catherine pursed her lips together. She could not tell him that she would be boarding Brennan’s private airplane to leave, right?

“I’ll just go with the flow. If I can leave, I’ll leave. If I can’t, worse comes to worst, they can take my life away. I just hope that person still has some last bit o f humanity left to spare the innocent children.” Catherine laughed bitterly. “But that person probably doesn’t have any humanity to speak of at all. Mr. Costner, if…”

After giving it some thought, Catherine shook her head uneasily. “If I can’t leave safely in the end, please change the plan and save my two kids, Mr. Costner. I know that’s two lives, but they’re still young. They’re only three years old.”

Titus felt slightly uncomfortable hearing that. “ There’s no need for that, right? The people who owe the debt should pay it themselves. They can’t involve the younger generation too.”

“ Some people are evil by nature. They won’t care whether their children or not because they’re inhumane and don’t have any conscience.” Catherine laughed mockingly.

Titus frowned.

Inhumane? No conscience?

Was Catherine talking about Rebbeca, Sheryl, or herself?

She was the one who caused the death of her biological grandmother. She was the one who drove Rebecca into a corner, pretended to be Sheryl’s daughter, and acknowledged Joel as her father. She even hogged the company that used to be Sheryl’s.

However, for some reason, Titus would forget everything Catherine had done whenever he looked at her face.

Rather, he did not quite believe that Catherine was such an evil person.

“Titus, so you’re here.”

A cold voice laced with anger suddenly rang.

Titus’s heart leaped. He quickly turned his head back and stood up.

Sheryl walked in with her high heels, and there was a scowl on her fury-filled face.

She really did not expect Titus would look for Catherine as soon as he went out.

They were even drinking coffee and having a serious chat in the cafe.

Uncontrollable jealousy welled up in Sheryl.

It was especially after she saw Catherine. She had seen her before on the phone, but Catherine was more beautiful, stunning, and younger in person than on the phone.

Moreover, Catherine really looked like Sheryl’s young self.

This was the face that made Titus sneak out again and again to meet her. It was also this face that made Sheryl no longer look youthful in comparison and attracted Titus. It was why he no longer coaxed Sheryl anymore.

Sheryl walked over angrily.

Catherine watched as she came nearer, and her eyes widened.

The woman in front of Catherine had a face like a blooming red rose. She had seen it before in Joel’s photo. In the past, Sheryl was cheerful and youthful, just like a sunflower that was about to bloom.

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