Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1583

Although more than 20 years had passed and Sheryl’s face was now mature, it also became more feminine and charming.

However, her nose and eyes remained the same. Catherine would not be mistaken.

That person might be… Her….


A resounding slap landed on Catherine’s face, and she was pushed onto the sofa by the force of the slap. Her whole head was buzzing.

She was in disbelief and at a loss.

Catherine had just thought that the woman might be the one whom Joel had seen. That woman most probably was her biological mother.

Yet before she could say a word, she was slapped by the person who might be her mother.

She would not be upset if she was slapped by someone else.

However, that person was probably her mother.

Catherine’s mother may not have been by her side ever since she was young, but she admired Sheryl from the stories that other people had told her. She had once imagined the scene of her and her mother reuniting as well. Would her mother be happy or emotional?

She did not expect that she would be slapped once they met each other.

“How dare you seduce my husband. I don’t think you need this face anymore. ” Sheryl took the hot coffee from the table and was about to splash it on Catherine’s face.

At that moment, Titus reacted quickly by grabbing onto Sheryl’s wrist. “Stop. I was just discussing some things with her. It’s not what you think it is.”

“Titus, do you remember what I told you a few days ago? Yet you’re still sneaking out to meet her.” Fury burned in Sheryl’s eyes. “Don’t you like young and pretty women? Since you like her so much, why don’t you be with her?”

Titus looked at Sheryl’s face, which was slightly twisted from anger. He felt a sense of confusion and unfamiliarity. In his memories, Sheryl would never act like that. “ Sherry, can you calm down? Nothing happened between Catherine and me. Moreover, I didn’t come alone.”

“Of course you’re not alone. You even brought your bodyguard and assistant. Let go, Titus. If you really have nothing to do with her, let me teach her a proper lesson today.” Sheryl struggled against Titus while holding the cup of hot coffee.

As they were pushing, some coffee spilled out all of a sudden. Some of it fell on the back of Catherine’s hand, which immediately turned red from the pain.

Titus felt bad seeing it, so he let go of Sheryl’s hand in a hurry.

Taking the chance, Sheryl splashed the coffee at Catherine.

Luckily, Catherine had quick reflexes. She managed to take the menu from the side in a hurry and blocked the coffee. However, some of it still splattered on her legs, and they burned in pain from being scalded.

Nevertheless, that pain could not compare to the pain she felt in her heart.

Catherine found it hilarious. Was that person her mother?

No. It could not be. Her mother would not be like a lunatic or a madwoman.

“Catherine, are you okay?” Titus was startled. He did not expect Sheryl would do that.

“Titus, you’re still concerned about her? Just die.” Hot-headed, Sheryl threw the cup at Titus.

The cafe was in a mess. When Matthew, who had just returned from the bathroom, saw that scene, he was stunned.

“Mom, what are you doing?” Matthew rushed over hurriedly and hugged Sheryl.

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