Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1584

“Matthew, let go of me. You actually hooked up with this b*tch, Catherine behind my back. You should know about my relationship with Catherine. She’s a shameless woman.” Sheryl was so exasperated that she simply blurted some words.

Catherine’s head buzzed upon hearing that.

That woman said she had a relationship with her? What relationship?

Could that woman have known from the start that she was her daughter?

Matthew was utterly astonished. His mom’s imagination was too much. “Mom, it’s not what you think it is. Catherine is my friend. She came to look for me regarding some problems. I came over with Dad today.”

“Are you covering up for your dad?” Sheryl did not believe him at all. “Also, you’re surprisingly treating her as a friend. You, father and son, have been fooled by her. Matthew, you disappoint me.”

Matthew bit his lips in frustration. Why did his tongue slip just now? “Mom, I can swear it. There’s really nothing between Dad and her. Dad only has you in his heart.”

“You’re just helping your dad and this woman. It’s no wonder you failed to deal with Hill Corporation the last time. It must’ve been because you two can’t bear to hurt her, right?” Sheryl had no trust in them at all.

“What is she talking about?” Catherine looked toward Matthew in a daze. “What is that about dealing with Hill Corporation?”

Seeing her eyes on him made Matthew feel strangely awkward and ashamed.

When Sheryl heard Catherine’s words, she yanked Titus to her side and sneered. “Didn’t my son tell you? Hill Corporation getting investigated was his and his father’s doing. I was the one who asked them to ruin Hill Corporation.”

Catherine’s face paled. She glanced at Matthew, stunned. Then, she glanced at Titus, whose expression was grim.

The force behind Rebecca that kept targeting her and Shaun was the Costner family?

Yet, she knew nothing about it. She foolishly treated Matthew as a brother and a friend. She was even counting on Titus to save Shaun’s life.

What was she doing? Catherine felt like a fool.

Moreover, why did the woman in front of her hate her so much? She was her mother.

Matthew looked at Catherine’s disoriented expression, and a pang of inexplicable guilt welled up in his heart. However, since Sheryl was there and Matthew was afraid of stimulating her, he could only say, “Mom, you’ve really misunderstood. I knew she was Catherine from the start. I

deliberately approached her to get some information.”

“It’s really not what you think it is.”

At that moment, Titus could only coax Sheryl as he did not want to continue the argument. He knew that if he said Catherine was not bad of a person, everything would spiral out of control. “Sherry, don’t you know my feelings for you? She is so young that she can pass off as my daughter.

Matthew came along with me today. He was in the bathroom just now.”

“Really?” Sheryl still did not believe it. “If Matthew deliberately approached her to get information, then what is your reason for approaching her?

You’re obtaining information too?”

Titus’s face was red.

He had never felt so awkward and embarrassed for the last 4o years he had lived.

It was especially since Catherine was standing at the side.

“Enough, stop interrogating them.” Catherine laughed wryly. She even laughed until her eyes reddened. For the past few days, she felt just like an idiot. “Indeed, nothing is going on between Mr. Costner and me. I just thought his identity must be special after listening to Matthew’s tone and that he might be able to help Hill Corporation. So, I begged him for help, but he flat-out refused.”

Titus glanced at Catherine in astonishment upon hearing her words. She was clearly smiling, but she somehow made people pity her.

“May I ask if you’re Sheryl Jones?” Catherine suddenly stared at the woman before her who was looking at her in disdain and asked softly.

Sheryl’s expression was cold. “That’s right. I’m Sheryl Jones. Don’t even think of getting close to me. If it’s possible, I don’t even want to have anything to do with you.”

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