Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1586

Catherine found it hard to tell Shaun that everything was caused by her biological mother.

It was too ridiculous.

Finally, she could not resist calling Joel. “Dad…” Once she spoke, she started sobbing.

Joel was startled. “Cathy, what’s wrong? Are you worrying over Hill Corporation’s matters? Don’ t overthink it. My logistics company is quite profitable. Worse comes to worst, I’ll provide for you in the future.”

“It’s not that… ” Listening to Joel’s concerned voice and comparing it to Sheryl’s cold, harsh words, Catherine felt even more upset. “Dad, I just want to know… Is my mom… really that good of a person?”

She did not want to admit that the madwoman earlier was her mother.

Joel was stunned. He did not understand why Catherine would suddenly ask that. “Cathy, of course, your mom is a very good person.”

“Dad, she might have been good 2o years ago. But after 20 years, who knows what she has become? Maybe I’ve become a burden and a dead weight in her heart. Maybe she even desperately wants me to disappear. ” Catherine lifted her lips sarcastically with tears in her eyes.

“Cathy, what happened to you?” Joel’s heart tightened. “Did you… meet your mom?”

“Yes, I met her.”

Catherine touched her face that was swollen from being slapped. She said softly, “She looked just like i n your photo. She’s maintained her looks very well and only looks like she’s in her 30s. She has a handsome rich husband and a dashing son. But she acted like a madwoman when she saw me, slapping me twice. She even splashed coffee at my face. She hates me and said I was putting up an act. She also said I wanted to seduce her husband and she didn’t want to have anything to do with me.”

Joel was stunned upon hearing that.

Although he had figured everything out in these few days and accepted the fact that Sheryl might have already remarried and had children, he still felt wistful and hurt.

However, that was nothing compared to what Sheryl did to Catherine.

“Cathy, are you mistaken? That’s impossible.”

There was no reason the Sheryl that Joel knew would do such a thing.

“I’m not mistaken. She knows about her relationship with me. She’s even helping Rebecca to go against me. Hill Corporation being targeted and its hostile takeover is because Sheryl is helping Rebecca to manipulate everything behind the scenes.”

Catherine wailed in deep agony, saying, “ I’d rather not have a mother at all. You said my mom was nice. I can imagine that. However, after she appeared, she shattered all my thoughts about having a mother.”

“Cathy, don’t be like this. Calm down.”

Joel’s heart was in pain from listening to her. It was his first time seeing Catherine losing control.

Actually, he understood the thoughts a child would have for their mother. “This is impossible. Rebecca treated you so badly. How could she help Rebecca and not you? Rebecca is just her niece at most.”

Catherine was stunned. Joel’s words made her calm down a little.

Joel said, “Even if she doesn’t want to acknowledge you as her daughter and wants to erase her past, there’s no need for her to help her niece to target you, right? I heard you say before that Rebecca is cunning and has a lot of schemes. Is there possibly a misunderstanding?”

Catherine was at a loss. Misunderstanding?

Joel felt sorry for her and said, “Cathy, people might change. However, when I knew your mother, she was a kind person. Also, I find it a bit weird. We didn’t even know that your mom is still alive. How did Rebecca find that out?”

Something flashed in Catherine’s head.

That was right. How did Rebecca know that her mother was still alive?

Could it be that Rebecca had been looking for her mother when she was hiding overseas?

After calming down, Catherine suddenly realized that that matter was very strange.

Sheryl could dislike her, but Jeffery and Sally had caused Granny’s death. However, Sheryl still got them out of jail.

Rebecca must have used some kind of method to trick Sheryl.
Joel sighed. ”Do you know where your mother is staying now? Let me see her and talk to her.”

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