Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1589

Shaun’s pupils constricted.

Just as he was thinking about it, the phone rang. Hadley was calling him. “Young Master Hill, things are bad. Some people came to the laboratory’s entrance and injured the members of Liona who were standing guard there. They’ve barged inside now and a few of our technical staff have sustained major injuries too.”

“I understand. ” Shaun glanced at Rebecca coldly. He turned around and walked outside.

At the door, three bodyguards suddenly blocked him.

Rebecca took pleasure in Shaun’s misery and said, “ Do you intend to go to the laboratory? How can I possibly let you go there to help them? Shaun, I know that you treasure your efforts a lot. I’m going to snatch them all away. Weren’t you very great all along and thought you were high up? Back then in Melbourne, you treated me like an ant. I remember how you tortured me. From today onward, I’ll settle our debts one by one.”

“Not just yours.” Wesley stepped forward slowly, his eyes filled with cruelty. “Mine too. Shaun, I vividly remember all the humiliation you’ve caused me. On my wedding night, Catherine should’ve been mine, yet you took her away. I swore that I’d return that humiliation to you one day. I’ll make your life a living hell too.”

Shaun looked at their contemptuous gazes which were directed at him. He just found them ridiculous.

Those people did not even think about how many things they did in the past to hurt Catherine.

“You two are quite a good match for each other. ” Shaun suddenly laughed and said, “You guys only allow yourselves to hurt others. If other people resist and take revenge, you make yourselves look as though you’re the victim. After all the things you guys have done, do you think you still deserve to be humans?”

Rebecca raised her eyebrows. “My dad is the Jones family’s eldest son. I had the right to inherit everything owned by the Jones family from the very start. Who asked Catherine to steal Hudson Corporation away? She brought everything upon herself. This is called retribution.”

Wesley let out a snort too. “It’s her honor to be picked by me. Moreover, I kept acting as if I had lost a kidney for her sake and even cared for her. I’ve never pleased a woman like that in my whole life.”

“Your shameless words are really an eye-opener for me.”

Catherine’s mocking laugh suddenly rang out at the door.

The three of them looked at the door. They realized that Catherine was there, being blocked by the bodyguards. Her petite stature could not be seen.

“Cathy…” Shaun walked over in long strides and tugged her hand. He said hastily, “Let’s go to the laboratory.”

“We don’t have to go there anymore.”

Catherine stopped Shaun. She entered and laughed when she saw Wesley and Rebecca’s smug faces. “ Shaunny, don’t worry. I’ve already asked Elle to bring some people over to back them up on my way here. At the same time, I borrowed more than ten highly skilled people from Young Master Jewell.

They must’ve already arrived at the laboratory by now.”

Wesley and Rebecca’s faces stiffened, especially Rebecca’s. In order to claim the laboratory that day, she had mobilized almost two-thirds of the people Sheryl and Titus brought from Neah Bay.

“No matter how many people you both bring today, I’ll make them leave while crawling. ” Catherine’s eyes contained a chilly look.

Even Shaun could not help looking at her in astonishment. He felt that Catherine was really furious. It seemed that she could kill Rebecca.

“I don’t believe you.” Rebecca was distressed. She shouted agitatedly, “Catherine Jones, don’t you dare! I can call the police to apprehend you. Hill Corporation is mine now. It’s completely legal for my people to enter the laboratory. If you guys dare to hurt my people, that’s breaking the law.”

“Although the laboratory is Hill Corporation’s, all the data inside belongs to me alone. You had your people to barge in forcefully. Obviously, you’re trying to steal my data. ” Shaun was well-versed in the law. He warned coldly, “Even if we go to the police station, we can say that this was self- defense. As for your bodyguards, never mind if they’re disabled. Worst comes to worst, I’ll just pay more compensation.”

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