Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1590

“In your dreams! If your men dare to hurt my people, I won’ t let you have an easy death in this life.” Rebecca warned fiercely, “You don’t even know who you’ve offended. Even if Nathan Snow intervenes, he won’t be able to protect you.”

Catherine looked at Rebecca’s haughty look. The anger in her heart grew. “No, Rebecca. I know who I’ve offended. Don’t think I don’t know that the people you brought aren’t your subordinates at all. They belong to the Costner family. Haven’t you been acting all domineering these days because you’re relying on the Costner family now?”

Shaun was puzzled upon hearing that. The Costner family?

Rebecca laughed smugly. “That’s right. I have the Costner family behind me. You, a country bumpkin, won’t even know how strong the Costner family is.”

“Rebecca, I admit that you’re the strongest opponent I’ve ever met in my whole life. Of course, it’s not because you’re great, but it’s because you’re too despicable and shameless.”

Catherine tried to restrain herself and calm down. She wanted to get some things clear. “How exactly did you find my mother and what did you say to her?”

Shaun was shocked.

Rebecca acted innocent and widened her eyes. “ What are you talking about? I don’t understand it at all.”

“Stop pretending. I’ve already met my mom.”

Speaking of that, Catherine’s heart started hurting badly. “What exactly did you say to her to make her… hate me so much?”

“Oh, you’re talking about her slapping you twice, right?” Rebecca happily looked at the mask Catherine was wearing on her face. “You can’t blame her for that. Who asked you to seduce her husband so shamelessly? In the end, you got slapped and can’t even show your face now.”

Rebecca had received a call from Sheryl about that on her way to Hill Corporation.

When Rebecca thought of Catherine getting scolded and slapped in her face by her biological mother, she felt very satisfied.

Although Catherine and Sheryl had finally met each

other, Rebecca had already done a DNA test with Sheryl earlier on. No matter what Catherine said, Sheryl would not believe her.

Not to mention that Sheryl had taken Rebecca’s drug. She was not able to reason anymore.

“Cathy, what’s going on?” Shaun got more confused. What did it mean that Catherine got slapped by her mother?

Was her mother still alive? Shaun was utterly stunned.

As for what Rebecca said about Catherine seducing another person’s husband, Shaun did not believe it at all.

Catherine did not reply to Rebecca. Instead, she stared at Rebecca coldly. “I wasn’t expecting you to tell the truth anyway. Actually, I can more or less guess what’s going on. You must’ve twisted the truth and said many bad things about me in front of my mom. I didn’t know she was still alive in the past, so you could make up all the rumors you wanted. I’ll explain everything to her in the future. After all, I’m her real biological daughter.”


Rebecca looked as if she had heard a joke.

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