Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1591

Wesley smirked, looking at Catherine like she was a clown.

“Oh, I’m looking forward to that day,” Rebecca said with a smile, “But so far, she’s given me hundreds of billions and even bought Hill Corporation for me. She’s very good to me.”

Catherine could not stop her body from shaking with anger.

She did not know who the person behind Rebecca was before, so she was not that angry, but now that she knew it was her mother, she really wanted to vomit blood.

“Catherine, don’t you like stealing my things very much? First, it was the architectural company, and then it was Hudson Corporation. But I don’t care about all those now. ” Rebecca curled her red lips. She just wanted to see what Catherine looked like when she went mad with jealousy. She had waited for this day for too long.

“Rebecca, although I don’t know what lies you told, I believe that the truth will not be hidden forever.

I’ll stay and reveal your true colors little by little. I’ll let the Costner family see just how disgusting you can be.”

Catherine spat out word after word and sneered. “As for now, I advise you to go to the lab and have a look. When you brought those men from the Costner family, they were in one piece. But you’ll be going back with them all battered and bruised. Will Titus not mind at all?”

Rebecca’s heart shook when she thought of Titus’ domineering and dignified face.

She was sure that Sheryl would not mind, but Titus…

“Of course, he won’t mind. You don’t know just how much Uncle Titus loves me.”

Rebecca was stubborn, but she did not dare to stay any longer. She had to see if what Catherine said was true or not.

“President Lyons, let’s go. I’ll give you a tour of the lab downstairs.” Rebecca gave Wesley a look.

Wesley nodded. When he passed by Catherine, he stopped and said with a fake smile, “Wife, as long as you’re willing to go back to my bed, I can guarantee that your children won’t get hurt. After all, I watched them grow up.”

Catherine’s eyes went cold.

How dare he threaten her with her children?

“Wesley, are you unwilling to get lost? Then, let me teach you a lesson.” Shaun viciously kicked Wesley’s knees. Wesley was caught off guard and immediately fell to the ground.

Shaun took the opportunity to kick him in his back, making Wesley fall flat on his face miserably once more.

Catherine could not help but laugh out loud as she watched the scene.

“Shaun, you…” Wesley felt his face burn as his shame turned into raging anger.

He got back up and was just about to fight back when Shaun pulled out a wad of money from his pocket, throwing it at Wesley’s face. “Sorry, my leg suddenly cramped up. That money is to compensate you.”

“Sorry, President Lyons.” Catherine gloated. “He probably got a leg cramp from anger when he heard you use the children as a threat.”

“You know me best, Cathy. ” Shaun shook his leg and said with a vague smile, “President Lyons, you should go quickly. I’m afraid my leg will cramp and I’ll lose control again if you say anything else.”

“If I were you, I’d behave myself by tucking my tail in between my legs. But it seems you’re the type who won’t shed tears until you see the coffin.”

After a deep chill flashed in the bottom of Wesley’s eyes, he turned around and left together with Rebecca.

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