Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1592

Catherine looked at Wesley’s back. That man could still endure it despite being humiliated to this extent, proving that his schemes were not shallow a t all. This man was probably more trouble than they thought.

“Cathy, where did you go today? What happened?” Shaun turned her body and took off her mask.

When he saw that her tender fair face was not only swollen but also had a handprint on it, his eyes instantly flooded with a burst of hostility.

“Was it really your mom who hit you?”

He still could not believe that her mother was alive.

“… Yeah.” Although Catherine did not want to admit it, she nodded painfully. “I didn’t expect it either. I always thought my mom had died, but she greeted me by slapping me twice on our first meeting.”

Catherine was controlling her emotions, but maybe it was because she was talking about someone she loved so as she spoke, her eyes could not help but get red.

Shaun hugged her, feeling distressed. “Cathy, you don’t need a mother like that.”

“That’s not it. I thought the same thing as you at first. But after talking to my dad on the phone, I calmed down and thought about it. Rebecca probably did something. Rebecca’s reaction was very strange just now. I don’t know what she did, but it seems like she’s fearless.” Catherine was at a loss.

She had wanted to meet Sheryl and explain to her about Grandma’s death and the evil deeds Jeffery, Sally, and Rebecca did. However, Rebecca’s attitude made her start to doubt herself. Would Sheryl believe her?

Shaun snorted coldly. “No matter what Rebecca did to sow dissension, as your biological mother, she believed what others said so casually. She’s not worthy of being your mother at all.”

He did not care about Sheryl’s status. He hated anyone who dared to hurt his woman.

Catherine was dumbfounded. Shaun’s words touched her heart.

Yes, someone else could incite Sheryl, but did she not have her own ability to distinguish right from wrong? Besides, Sheryl was her mother, but she indiscriminately hit her own daughter and even hated her so much.

How could Catherine not be disappointed in her?

“Shaunny, there are some things we have to get to the bottom of,” Catherine said with a bitter face. “My mom has been helping Rebecca to suppress us. If we don’t expose Rebecca’s true face, we’ll forever be suppressed by them. Even Wesley and Rebecca have joined hands. After what Wesley said just now, I’m afraid that he’ll do something to the children. ”

“That’s why I want you to take the children and leave first,” Shaun said without thinking.

Catherine parted her red lips. In the end, she lowered her eyes and said guiltily, “There’s one thing I forgot to tell you. I just learned about this. Matthew is actually my half-brother.”

Shaun froze. Catherine had mentioned the Costner family, but he did not expect her to bring up Matthew.

“Matthew deliberately approached me in Melbourne.”

Catherine bit her lip. “He already knew my true identity. Later, when Hill Corporation was being investigated, I went to him for help. He said he couldn’t do it, but he could ask his father, Titus, for help. Titus refused back then, but during the banquet held by Nathan, you were called away and I saw Titus on the top floor. He was playing chess and I helped him reverse the game, so he said that he would help me once.

“Today, I went to see him in hopes that he would help you after I leave, but I didn’t expect my mom to suddenly appear. Now I know that this was all orchestrated by the Costner family. I was so stupid.”

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