Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1593

Shaun understood. His expression sank. “So… Titus knows about your plan?”

“… Yeah.” Catherine admitted with difficulty. “But he doesn’t know about your relationship with Uncle Brennan. I didn’t tell him that we’re leaving on Uncle Brennan’s private plate because I was afraid that they would take precautions. I’m sorry, I— ”

“Don’t apologize. It’s not your fault.” Shaun stroked her dark hair. “We didn’t expect the Costner family to be so shameless.”

After all, they let Matthew deliberately approach them and the same happened with Titus.

Wait, Titus’ name sounded familiar. It seemed Brennan had mentioned him before.

Brennan said that he had seen a woman in Neah Bay who looked very much like Catherine.

However, he did not have any evidence, so he did not mention it to Catherine because he did not want her to be disappointed.

In that case, the wife of the head of the Costner family in Neah Bay was really Sheryl Jones.

Rebecca had gone over in advance to meet Sheryl first. However, how did Rebecca know that Sheryl was still alive?

According to Brennan, the Costner family was extremely powerful and they could be said to be the richest family in the world. It was no wonder that Nathan did not dare to offend them.

“Cathy, I’ll take you to see my dad. He knows about some things, ” Shaun suddenly grabbed Catherine’s hand and said eagerly.

Catherine was confused, but seeing Shaun’s handsome and unpredictable face, she nodded.

Just as they left the office, a group of executives came up to meet them and were at a loss.

“Chairman Hill, Rebecca’s group came over and said that they want us all to get out. Is that true?”

“Chairman Hill, have you really been ousted as chairman?”

“Chairman Hill, is it true that we can’t stay in the company anymore?”

The group of executives was worked up. Some of them had worked in Hill Corporation for two or three decades. They thought of Hill Corporation as their family, so all of them were reluctant when they were suddenly asked to leave.

If they left, they would definitely not receive such generous treatment outside of Hill Corporation.

“Everyone, listen to me.”

Shaun raised a hand, and the intimidating force emanating from him made the crowd quiet.

“It’s true that I’m no longer the chairman of the company, and I’m not quite sure what the company will be like in the future. Maybe… it won’t be called Hill Corporation tomorrow.”

Shaun’s voice revealed some bleakness. When the employees, especially the female executives, remembered how high -spirited and noble Shaun was in the past, they were heartbroken.

“Eldest Young Master Hill…” someone exclaimed, “ We believe in you. We believe that you’ll revive Hill Corporation sooner or later. We followed you because you said you wanted to be the best high- end technology company in the country.”

“Thank you all for your trust in me.”

Shaun’s dark eyes flowed with an exquisite ray of light. “If one day I rise again, I hope that I’ll be able to work with you all once more. If I force you to stay now, you’ll only be humiliated because of me. But I’ve seen all your efforts over the years. Later, I’ll ask Hadley to handle the resignation formalities for you. Everyone will get an amount of compensation. I hope that all of you will have a bright future.”

Shaun took out a card from his pocket and handed it to Hadley. “Split it.”

Then, he took Catherine and left the office. Along the way, both of them were silent.

Catherine’s mind was filled with the scene from earlier.

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