Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1595

“It won’t be that serious, right? After all, she’s still your biological mother.” Lea was a little puzzled. “ Suzie and Lucas are her grandchildren too. Not even I was that vicious when Shaun and I were on bad terms.”

At most, she said some unpleasant things and tried to get Liam to snatch the position of chairman.

When Shaun had children, she was still quite happy about it.

However, Catherine fell silent and did not reply.

Shaun sighed. “Cathy’s mother slapped her.”

Brennan lit a cigarette. After a moment, he said, “In that case, I won’t go to Titus for the time being. Also

… you originally planned to leave next week. Are you still going?”

Everyone looked at Catherine.

Catherine was silent for a while before shaking her head. “I want to stay and find out the truth.”

Shaun touched her long hair. A sharp light flashed in his dark eyes as he gradually had an idea. “Dad, what’s the real power of the Costner family like?”

Brennan hesitated for a moment before saying in a complicated way, “I remember I told you that Titus ‘ wife is the owner of Soromon Island. After Sheryl got stranded there, she developed the oil on the island. In terms of financial resources, Sheryl and Titus are on par. One of them is in control of the oil, and the other is in control of the shipping routes and banks. No matter which country they go to, their identities are enough for the president of each country to personally receive them.”

Catherine was shocked. “My mom didn’t get her current position because she married Titus?”

“No, these two people are a strong alliance.” Brennan looked at her with a bit of pity. “You’re her biological daughter. If Sheryl publicly acknowledges that you’re her daughter and she gives you even one drop of her wealth, it’ll be enough to make you the richest young lady in the world.”

“Dad, stop sprinkling salt on Cathy’s wound. She doesn’t care about money.” Shaun quickly interrupted. “Dad, I have an idea. We took out a significant number of Titus’ men today. I’m guessing that he’ll definitely send over more men from Neah Bay, but as long as those people can’t go through customs and enter the country, Titus and Sheryl will be helpless in Australia no matter how much money they have. When that happens, we can deal with them however we want to.”

Brennan was slightly surprised. “You’re very daring. If something happens to Titus and Sheryl in the country, Nathan will get into trouble. He won’t agree with what you’re doing. The Snow family can’t afford the Costner family’s revenge.”

“Dad, you said that the Costner family and Soromon Island are two places of enormous power. Where there’s money and power, there’ll be disputes. The Costner family is full of talents, so won’t there be people who are jealous of Titus? As long as we can find the right person in the Costner family to cooperate with, Titus’ death might even be a happy thing for the people of the Costner family.”

Shaun’s words were meaningful, and everyone understood.

Brennan looked at his son with eyes full of horror.

Catherine was a little stunned. “Is there… a need to go that far?”

“This will be the last resort we use to protect ourselves. Don’t worry, even if that day comes, I won’t hurt your mom. At most… I’ll put her under house arrest.” Shaun gently reassured her. “For now, we still have to meet Titus and your mom to talk and find out what the misunderstanding is. It’s best if we can clear the misunderstanding. But if we can’t, then we won’t be left with a choice.”

Catherine nodded. She would definitely figure out the truth as soon as possible.

Shaun turned to look at Brennan. “Dad, please go to Neah Bay and find out who’s the most ambitious member in the Costner family as well as who’s the most jealous of Titus. You have to go to Soromon Island too. Sheryl only appeared afterward, so there must be people on the island who don’t accept her.”

“Okay, I’ll fly there tomorrow. ” Brennan nodded ruefully.

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