Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1597

“ If the treatment of their injuries is delayed, there might be serious consequences, such as… losing the mobility in their legs, ” the assistant said in a low voice.

Losing the mobility in their legs?

Titus was so angry that he wanted to kill Rebecca. Those people were all his trusted aides.

Rebecca saw Titus’ furious expression.

She quickly thought of something and hurriedly said, “Chester’s fiancée is my good friend.”

“Rebecca, I didn’t expect your friends to be so powerful. You should call and talk to her. ” Sheryl looked at her encouragingly.

Rebecca quickly nodded and called Cindy.

“Rebecca, what’s up?” Cindy was in a very bad situation recently. Many of her events and advertisements had been canceled.

“Cathy, my uncle’s men were injured by Shaun and Chester told the hospitals in Canberra not to take them in for treatment. Can you help me out?” Rebecca smiled. “Of course, I’ll owe you for this. If there are any good Hollywood movies after this, I can give you a referral.”

Cindy was moved, but she could only say with a wry smile, “You think too highly of me. Chester and Shaun are good friends. There’s no way he’ll listen to me…”

Moreover, Chester said that he was going to break off the engagement with her, so she was incredibly anxious.

“You can go to Chester’s parents. Cindy, haven’ t you always been curious who’s the people behind me?” Rebecca said in a low voice. “The people behind me are the Costner family. They have control of the world’s main shipping routes and own the largest bank in the world. My real mother is also the owner of Soromon Island, where many of the world’s gems come from. Do you really want to miss this opportunity to meet them?”

Cindy’s heart thumped rapidly. “You… Isn’t your mother from Melbourne…”

“They’re not my real parents. Don’t say anything about this, ” Rebecca said. “You can choose whether you want to seize this opportunity or not. Only when you have powerful connections can you truly gain a firm foothold in the Jewell family.”

“I understand.” Cindy nodded. “Leave it to me.” Cindy quickly made a call to Michael Jewell.

When Michael heard that Cindy knew such a bigshot, his heart thumped with excitement as he immediately called the hospitals to have them take in Titus’ bodyguards.

When the Costner family found out, Sheryl was full of praise for Rebecca. “You’re so capable.”

“Don’t say that, Mom. This all started because of me. Michael said that he wants to have a meal with you and Uncle Titus, ” Rebecca said, “As you can see, Chester and Shaun are good friends, but as long as we win over Chester’s father, the Jewell family can no longer help Shaun.”

“Yes, sure. It’s just a meal.” Sheryl readily agreed.

Titus and Matthew had been sitting silently on the side without saying a word. Matthew was very uncomfortable seeing Sheryl praise Rebecca incessantly.

It was clearly because of Rebecca’s recklessness that caused their men to be injured, but Sheryl only praised her for being capable. What was happening?

Matthew got up and left.

Sheryl stopped him coldly and warned, “If you contact Catherine again, you don’t have to call me ‘ Mom’ in the future.”

“Hah. I do call you my mother, but do you still remember that you have a son? I thought you only had one daughter.”

Matthew pulled a long face and walked away.

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