Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1600

When Shaun came over, his large palm gently pressed on her shoulder. “I heard everything.”

“Shaunny… ” Catherine buried her little face in his arms, suddenly feeling lost. “Matthew said that he did a DNA test for Rebecca and Sheryl, and Rebecca is Sheryl’s daughter. What about me? Whose daughter am I? Am I really Sheryl’s daughter?”

She was very sure about this before, but now, she suddenly doubted herself.

“Silly girl. You look so similar to Sheryl. Who’s daughter could you be if not hers?” Shaun lowered his eyes at the uneasy woman in his arms and said in a low gentle voice, “Did you forget that you did a DNA test with Joel?”

Catherine paused as she remembered it. “But…? ”

“You should’ve asked Matthew what Rebecca used for the DNA test with Sheryl. I’m guessing it must be hair.” Shaun’s eyes flashed.

“What’s wrong with hair?” There was a confused look on Catherine’s face.

“ If it’s hair, it’s easier for her to pass off a fake as genuine,” Shaun said in a complicated tone, “ Actually, I’ve been thinking about something ever since I learned that Titus’ wife is your mom.”

“What is it? Hurry up and tell me.” Catherine urged him.

“The real reason why Wesley pursued you so desperately.” Shaun stared at her and curled his lips doubtfully. “At first, he might have pursued you because he really liked you and admired you, but what about afterward? You married me and even had children, but he refused to give up on you. Even when he knew that you were with me on his wedding night, he still wanted to continue the marriage. He made it seem as though he was some sort of saint.”

Catherine blinked. “ Isn’t it because he didn’t get me? He wanted to get revenge on me after he obtained me or make me fall in love with him.”

“That’s what I thought at first too, but it’s possible that there’s another reason.”

Shaun paused as his gaze turned sharp. “He may have known long ago that your mother is Titus’ wife. Her status is extraordinary, so if he marries you and Sheryl and you acknowledge each other in the future, his status would also rise. Think about it. He’d be the son-in-law of the owner of Soromon Island. What would be his status in the world?”

Catherine’s heart shook fiercely. “ If you put it that way, it really seems possible. He’s too shrewd and good at hiding his true colors, after all.”

Shaun nodded. “With how sinister he is, he probably thought that after he married you and got Sheryl to acknowledge you, he would be able to gain Titus and Sheryl’s trust. Then, he’d borrow their power to slowly become the richest man in the world. When Sheryl and her husband become useless to him after that, he can dispose of you all.”

Catherine became more horrified the more she listened. “I remember that Wesley often cooperated with the assassins in Neah Bay. Logan said that a person here once went to Neah Bay and came back with a bunch of assassins. Could that person… be Wesley?”

“It was definitely him. Back then, Wesley was already working with Mason, and Mason told him to go to Neah Bay to look for the assassins. If he saw Sheryl there, then all the pieces connect. Besides, Sheryl looks very similar to you. Even my dad said that when he saw your mother and then you, he

was confused and suspected that you were mother and daughter.”

Shaun said, “Mason could have investigated it and found that your mother only went missing after getting caught in a typhoon. If he went to Neah Bay to ask the local residents about Sheryl’s past, it would’ve been easy to find clues.”

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