Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1601

Catherine opened her mouth with difficulty. “ If I hadn’t found out that something was off with him, he probably would’ve kept pretending.”

“Maybe not. Maybe he wouldn’t want to keep enduring and would slowly expose his nature to you.” Shaun wrapped his arms around her waist. “ Because he found another way to get back at you while also letting his career continue to rise.”

Catherine’s gaze darkened. “You mean… Rebecca?”

Shaun lowered his head. His large palm gently weaved through her long hair, and two strands of inky black hair fell into his palm. “A woman’s hair falls easily. When you stayed in Wesley’s villa, wouldn’t you have shed strands of hair there? You stayed with him for a period of time, and cleaners came in daily to clean the place up. Wouldn’t it be easy for Rebecca to use your hair for the DNA test if your hair was collected and sent to her?”

Catherine was shocked. She bowed her head and looked at the hair in Shaun’s palm.

Yes, although her hair was thick, her hair would inevitably fall when she washed, combed, and blow- dried her hair.

In the past, she always thought that Wesley wanted to marry her because he wanted to get back at her and torture her.

The closer she got to the truth, the more she felt her hair stand on end.

How could a person be so terrifying?

“I think that what you said is probably true.”

Catherine murmured, “When Wesley married me in the beginning, he acted like he had deep feelings for me. Afterward, his hatred for me became more and more obvious. It was probably because he already had a feeling that I would never like him, so he might as well let Rebecca impersonate me.

Rebecca and I are cousins and we look slightly similar. Furthermore, she was abducted as a child and many people in Melbourne don’t really know her, so they had room to pull off some tricks.”

“That’s right.” Shaun nodded. “Rebecca used Wesley and made her into Sheryl’s biological daughter. That’s why Wesley’s career soared after Rebecca came back. The two of them are tied to the same boat.”

Catherine felt increasingly upset and unreconciled as she listened. “ It’s all my fault. How could I have been stupid enough to marry Wesley back then?”

“Everyone has moments when they’re confused. Don’t blame yourself, ” Shaun comforted her softly.

Catherine smiled bitterly. “So what if we know the truth now? Matthew didn’t believe me when I told him that Rebecca is a fake, and Sheryl thinks I’m a vixen who seduced Titus. She was probably brainwashed by Rebecca. She doesn’t like me at all, and she even thinks of me as a vicious woman who hurt Rebecca.”

“I’m actually worried that it’s more than that…”

Shaun’s handsome face was dark. “Do you remember when Rebecca came to me disguised as Shelley Neeson and secretly drugged my milk?”

Catherine was shocked. “You think she gave it to my mom?”

“It’s just a possibility.” Shaun expressed his concern. “The drug can cause people to become irrational. Think about it. Since your mother gave birth to you, she should know that your name is Catherine. How could she have completely forgotten about that?”

“You’re right. She lost her memory.” Catherine finally understood. She had ignored many details because she was upset at being hit by Sheryl.

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