Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1603

Chester hung up after he spoke.

He did not care how angry Michael would be.

After hanging up the phone, he called another number. “Bring Cindy to my villa in an hour.”


However, the person soon called him back. “Young Master Jewell, Cindy is with the madam.”

Chester laughed at that.

On the other end, the subordinate had goosebumps from hearing his laugh. Every time Chester was truly angry, he would laugh like this.

It was so low and cold that it caused people to shudder.

“Stop all the projects Cindy is involved in. I remember that Cindy signed a contract with Felix Media. If she wants to bypass Felix and cooperate with big foreign productions, it’s considered a breach of contract as long as Felix Media doesn’t agree to it. She can dream on if she wants to cooperate with anyone.”

The subordinate immediately understood.

This time, Cindy had truly pissed Young Master Jewell off. If he wanted to completely put a halt to Cindy’s career, it did not matter even if she had other contacts and could work in Hollywood. As long as Cindy’s contract was in the hands of Felix Media, anyone who tried to cooperate with Cindy would encounter all sorts of problems. In that case, no film or television company would consider Cindy anymore.”

“Oh, one more thing.”

After a pause, Chester said, “Send the order that next time, all staff should ignore my father or mother even if they personally call any of the subsidiary companies. As for the person in the hospital who agreed to my father’s request to accept the Costner family’s bodyguards, find out who it is and fire them. I don’t want to see that person ever again.”


The subordinate understood that Chester was making a deliberate show of his power as well as sending a message to the people in Jewell Corporation.

No one in the Jewell family was allowed to disobey his orders, and Michael was no exception.

He could not help but secretly sigh.

Under Chester’s leadership, the Jewell family had expanded their business in a low-profile manner.

Chester was not high-profile like Shaun, but the Jewell family had never been inferior to the Hill family.

It was because Chester was ruthless enough that he did not bother sparing even his own father.

In the Jewell residence.

Cindy walked with Mrs. Jewell in the garden.

She had changed her method to please Mrs. Jewell.

“You’re such a clever and obedient child. Don’t worry, I’ll definitely make Chester marry you.”

Mrs. Jewell held her hand and smiled comfortingly. In her eyes, Cindy was a mobile blood bank.

She would not let this blood bank leave her.

Humans were like that. The longer they lived, the more afraid of death they were—especially powerful and influential people like Mrs. Jewell.

“Aunty, thank you. ” Cindy sighed. “I’m just afraid that Chester will be angry at me for helping the Costner family.”

“He’s not being sensible. The Hill family has already fallen. It’d be foolish to offend a powerful family like the Costners for Shaun. You did the right thing.” Mrs. Jewell was full of praise.

Then, Cindy’s manager suddenly called. “Cindy, what the hell did you do? The company has canceled all the projects you’re involved in.

Remember the famous Hollywood director recommended by Ms. Jones who agreed to let you star in his new film? The company called him and said that they don’t agree with you starring in their film. If they insist on casting you, they’ll have to pay 80 million dollars to the company. The director was so scared that he immediately stopped the cooperation.”

Cindy felt like she was drenched in cold water. “

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