Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1607

At night.

Matthew lay in bed, his mind echoing with what Catherine had told him during the day.

She said that Jeffery and Sally were not good people. Sally pushed his grandmother down the stairs.

She also said that Rebecca was best at pretending to be weak and kind.

Matthew felt like his head was about to explode.

Why were there so many things going on in the Jones family? How annoying.

Logically, he should choose to believe Rebecca. After all, Rebecca was his sister.

However, Sheryl gave Rebecca hundreds of billions instead of her son. He was not jealous of Rebecca, but he thought that Catherine was right. Sheryl had never given him that much money. How long had Sheryl known Rebecca?

It had only been less than three months.

Sheryl had always been a shrewd and prudent person. She was always very strict with him. Matthew was not a fool, so he naturally sensed that Rebecca was not a simple person.

Maybe he could not completely convince himself of Catherine’s words, but at the very least, he believed that he had to be cautious of Rebecca.

Matthew suddenly sat up on his bed.

It seemed like he had to sneak back to Melbourne for another investigation.

He could not let Sheryl or Rebecca find out about this.

Otherwise, they would definitely be unhappy.

After having this idea, Matthew finished breakfast and left the Costner villa on the pretext of going to the company.

He had to go to Melbourne.

He did not even tell Titus about this.

He only brought one of his men with him. Matthew first went to Summit’s old building.

However, Summit had been bought over by another company. It was a bigger renovation and construction company.

Matthew and his aide went in and pretended to look for the construction team. The person who received them was Joey from the sales department.

Joey saw that Matthew was young, but his clothes and watch were all brand names, so he tried his best to please Matthew. “Mr. Costner, how big a villa do you want to renovate?”

“Around 300 square feet. I don’t know which renovation company is good,” Matthew spoke with an accent. He looked around the show units on the left and right. “Your company is quite large. When I was abroad, I heard that there was a good interior design company in Melbourne called Summit Building Design…”

“That was years ago. Summit Design closed down long ago.” Joey smiled. “This building used to belong to Summit, but our company bought it over.”

“Really? ” Matthew pretended to be surprised. “I thought business was good for them. It was an established company, after all.”

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