Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1608

“The boss was horrible.” Joey waved his hand. “He often cut corners, and his project manager even replaced a customer’s wires from a reputable brand with low-quality wires from a random brand. It caused the customer’s hotel to catch on fire. They even went to court because of it.”

“No way, it was that blatant?” Matthew pretended to be surprised. “What happened next?”

“The project manager went to jail after that. But everyone knows that the project manager is the nephew of the chairman’s wife, so Summit’s reputation was ruined. ” Joey shook his head while clicking his tongue.

“In other words, Summit’s chairman isn’t a good man?” Matthew said deliberately.

“Not only was he not a good man, but he also went to jail later with his wife. I heard that they wanted to embezzle their sister company’s shares. They even changed the will left by the chairman’s mother. The chairman’s wife pushed her mother-in-law down the stairs as well. The mother-in-law died because of it and the couple went to jail.” Joey was quite gossipy while talking about these old stories.

Matthew was a little stunned. Jeffery and Sally had mentioned all these things before, but they said that it was Catherine who did it.

Joey was not an insider, so he only knew about the gossip. Matthew was not sure who was right and who was wrong.

“You know quite a lot.” Matthew looked at Joey meaningfully.

“Hehe, I’ve worked as an interior designer in Melbourne for almost six years, so that’s natural.”

Right after Joey finished speaking, he saw Matthew take out a wad of cash from his pocket and put it on the table. “Tell me more and this money is yours.”

Joey was stunned. Only then did he realize that this man was not really here to renovate his house but to ask about the Jones family.

He would be a fool not to earn money.

“I want to hear the truth. Just tell me everything that you know. The money is all yours.” Matthew gestured with his chin.

Joey sighed in relief. Since he could get all the money, there was no need to make up extra stories.

“What do you want to know?”

“About the Jones family. Such as… Rebecca Jones, or Catherine Jones. Do you know who Rebecca used to date?”

Joey paused. “Now that you mention it, I think I remember. The incident was quite humiliating.

Back then, Rebecca’s boyfriend was from the Lowe family. The Lowe family was pretty reputable, but on the day of the engagement, Catherine made a fuss and said that the guy was actually her boyfriend and Rebecca snatched him away. The engagement party became a joke in the city.”

Matthew narrowed his eyes. “Was it true?”

“ I think so. I wasn’t there, but I heard people talk about it. After that, Young Master Lowe was removed from his position in the company. Not long after, the Jones family took the initiative to break off the engagement with him and quickly distanced themselves from Young Master Lowe. It caused Young Master Lowe to curse Rebecca publicly on Facebook. Well, that’s the way it is. If I were Young Master Lowe, I would be unhappy too. When I had money and power, that family tried to cling to me. But after I fell from my position of power, they quickly distanced themselves from me.

There are many people like that, but it’s still better to stay away from that kind of woman.”

Matthew’s face darkened. In other words, Rebecca was someone who relied on powerful people to climb up the social ladder.

“What else? Did Rebecca date anyone else later? ”

Joey’s eyeballs shifted about as he said in a low voice, “ I’m not too sure, but previously when I was renovating a villa, I overheard a few people who were talking over drinks. I seemed to vaguely hear that Rebecca dated the young master of the Campbell family. However, a powerful person from Canberra appeared and Young Master Campbell ditched his girlfriend for that person. Hehe, one was willing to let his girlfriend accompany another man, and the other was happy to accompany the other man too. Apparently, there were many people who saw the video. They all said that Rebecca is a little sl*t.”

Matthew crushed the paper cup in his hand, revealing his bulging blue veins.

Joey was frightened by his appearance. “These are all the things I heard. I don’t know if they’re true or not.”

“What about Catherine Jones?” Matthew asked. “Catherine? She used to be the chief designer of Summit but then she left. Have you seen that landmark, Culture and Technology Center? In order to get that project, the construction companies in Melbourne competed tooth and nail for it.

Catherine was exposed for plagiarizing Summit’s designer at the bidding site.

“Later, Catherine suffered a torrent of abuse and even came to our company to apply for a job, but our boss didn’t dare to take her in. He said that the Jones family had given orders saying that anyone who dared to accept her would be going against the Jones family. Summit was still quite powerful at that time.”

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