Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1611

The more Matthew dwelled on the matter, the more he fumed over it.

At this point, he refused to acknowledge the terrible Rebecca as his sister.

Hang on. Catherine’s claim that Rebecca was not his sister could be true.

How would a noble, handsome man like him have such a disgusting sister? Sheryl could not have given birth to a daughter of such character either.

Having said that, what about the DNA test results?

Amid his confusion, the assistant slammed the brakes.

“Do you know how to drive?” Matthew lost his temper.

“I’m sorry, Young Master. An old lady came out of nowhere just now, and I almost hit her. Let me get off and take a look.” The assistant hurriedly unfastened his seat belt and got out of the car.

A gray-haired old lady was lying on the floor. The

assistant promptly went to help her up. “Madam, are you okay…”

Before he could finish his sentence, a knife gleamed and stabbed him in his chest.

With his back facing Matthew, the assistant’s mind went blank in an instant. He wanted Matthew to run away quickly, yet he could not utter any words.

“ Is everything alright?” Matthew got off, only to see his assistant bending over. After moving a few steps closer to the assistant, he suddenly noticed some blood stains by the latter’s feet.

Suddenly, Matthew had a sense of foreboding. At this very instant, something flung at him from behind.

Matthew tilted his body to one side and shunned it. After that, he rapidly fled in the other direction.

However, two black cars sped and stopped him soon after. Subsequently, eight people leaped out of the cars with knives in their hands.

Matthew was mobbed from all directions.

“Who are you guys?” Matthew’s expression was cold.

Despite having encountered a lot of danger since young, he always had his most astute bodyguard by his side. It was his first time facing this kind of situation.

Instead of answering his question, that bunch of people directly attacked him.

Although Matthew was skillful, he did not have any weapons with him, after all. Considering that he was facing so many people, there was nothing he could do. Soon, his body, legs, and arms were seriously injured. In the end, he was defeated when someone sneakily knocked him unconscious from behind.

After he passed out, those people threw him into the car straight away, and the leader instantly dialed a number. “President Lyons, we’ve dealt with him.”

“Hide right now. Don’t let anyone find you guys,” Wesley said flatly.


Once he hung up, Wesley swiftly called Rebecca. “

Matthew has started suspecting you.”

“What?” Rebecca was shocked. With a low voice, she said, “Catherine must have told him something.”

“Matthew came to Melbourne today to find out about your matters. Quite a lot of people are aware of the stupid things you did back then. Luckily, I prepared for it and planted a spy in Melbourne in advance. I’ve just caught Matthew, and his assistant is dead.”

Rebecca finally let out a sigh of relief. She enjoyed working with Wesley precisely because he was vicious. “President Lyons, you’re capable. But why are you keeping Matthew alive? It’s safer to kill him. In that case, I can shift the blame onto Catherine and Shaun.”

“ Sheryl may be muddle —headed due to the drug, but are you under the impression that Titus is stupid? He’s smart. If Sheryl’s condition persists, he’ll soon be aware of it, and you’re the first one he’ll suspect. If both of us want a way out, we must keep Matthew with us to protect our lives,” Wesley replied coldly.

Rebecca instantly grasped his point.

“But…” Wesley suddenly laughed. “Indeed, you can frame Catherine and Shaun regarding Matthew’s disappearance. Sheryl is losing control, and Catherine is brutal. If Sheryl hurts anyone around Catherine, Catherine will hate her even though she’s her biological mother. Let’s leave the two of them to kill each other.”

“You’re really brutal.” Rebecca tutted.

“So are you. Think of ways to squeeze Sheryl’s funds out in the shortest time possible, or better still, extract all the petroleum from Soromon Island. ” Wesley reminded her, “ Of course, before you can obtain all these, you need to make Sheryl feel as though everyone has abandoned her. Then, she’ll have a blazing row with Titus.”

“This is possible. Sheryl and Titus have already been sleeping in separate rooms. Matthew’s issue can add fuel to it.”

Soon, an idea sprang to Rebecca’s mind.

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