Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1612

In the Hill family’s manor.

Catherine was wearing an apron, cooking some pork ribs in the kitchen.

Since Shaun did not go to work today, he accompanied the kids to complete some puzzles in the living room.

“This is wrong. The wing is supposed to be here…” “You’ve put it in the wrong place, you dummy.”

“Daddy, Lucas is bullying me again. He even called me a dummy.” Suzie pouted and complained to him. “He’s just stupid. This piece should be right here.”

Shaun’s head hurt in the face of his daughter’s grumble. Suzie did put it wrongly, but she had started weeping. Once she wept, she would be considered right about everything in the world. “ Okay, okay. You’re right. You’re not a dummy. Let’s leave it here.”

“Look. Even Daddy said I’m right.” Suzie instantly stopped crying and became smug about it.

Lucas was speechless. “This is boring. I don’t want to play with you guys, or it’ll lower my IQ.”

“Pfft. I don’t want to play with you either. ” Suzie grimaced.

Shaun was at a loss for words.

When Catherine brought the pork ribs to the table, she caught a glimpse of Shaun’s conflicted look.

She chuckled before she waved and said, “Get ready for dinner.”

“Yay! It’s finally time for dinner.” Having washed their hands of their own accord, Suzie took a pork rib and ate it with relish while Lucas peeled a crayfish.

After Shaun sat down, he had some pork ribs with his daughter.

Lucas glanced at him and subsequently turned to look at Suzie. All of a sudden, he said disdainfully, “ I finally know whom Suzie takes after.”

Catherine chuckled while Shaun was speechless. “ Suzie and I share similar tastes in terms of food. ”

“Suzie, he’s looking down on you because of your IQ ” Lucas teased.

“No.” Shaun’s head began to hurt.

“Why didn’t you say Suzie takes after you in everything instead?” Lucas kept a cool face while trying to put Shaun into trouble.

Shaun did not know what to say.

Luckily, his phone rang at this moment, which saved him out of the two little devils’ clutches.

After seeing the incoming call notification, he hesitated for two seconds before he answered the call. “Second Uncle…”

“Shaun, have you had dinner?” Spencer asked, “Are you available tonight?”

“What’s the matter?”

“Your aunt and I are going to bring Willie to Country Y to treat his illness, and we’re not sure when we’ll return. There’s something here that we’d like you to pass to your grandparents. I wanted to pass it to them personally at first, but they’ve refused to meet me recently, ” Spencer said with a hoarse voice.

“What’s that? I’ll ask Hadley to collect it…”

“It’s the Hill family’s heirloom that your grandpa gave me. You should pick it up yourself because it’s very valuable, ” Spencer responded.

“Okay, I’ll come over in a while.” Shaun put down his phone.

“Where are you going?” Catherine asked.

“Second Uncle has asked me to go over to his place to collect something. You can stay at home with the kids.”

After finishing his dinner, Shaun stood up and left the house.

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