Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1613

Only after the sports car left Hill family’s manor did Shaun contact Elle. “Have some people secretly ambush my second uncle’s house and act on signals later.”

Elle was taken aback. “Are you suspecting that something happened at Second Master Hill’s house?”

“Mm.” Shaun did not elaborate on it. “If I don’t contact you within half an hour, you can barge in straight away.”

“Okay.” Elle could sense how careful Shaun was from his tone. “Do you need me to call the police?”

“No need. I suspect Willie has been kidnapped.”

Shaun made this guess based on Spencer’s words that were full of loopholes. Although Spencer was Old Master Hill’s only son, the family heirloom had never been passed on to him.

Since Spencer wanted him to go over so suddenly, it was most likely that he was threatened.

In fact, Shaun could already guess who had threatened Spencer.

40 minutes later, Shaun drove into his second uncle’s villa.

Standing in the courtyard, Yvette and Spencer curved their mouths discreetly. Spencer was the first to say, “Shaun, sorry for making you come at such a late hour.”

Shaun glanced at Spencer so indifferently that Spencer shuddered deep down. “ Second Uncle, now that you’ve deceived me into coming here, it’s about time you tell me the real reason.”

Spencer’s lips quivered embarrassedly. Yvette glared at Shaun and said with gritted teeth, “Yeah. We deceived you into coming here. After all, our family was dragged into the mess all because of you and Catherine. Poor Willie. He’s already a fool, yet they still won’t let him go.”

Sure enough…

Shaun finally got the picture. “Who did it?” “W-Wesley says he wants to see you.” Spencer gestured at the living room with his chin. “Don’t worry. He didn’t bring anyone else here. Only his female secretary is with him. Shaun, I really don’t know what he’s planning to do, but you must save Willie. That b*stard tricked Willie into leaving when I was in the States to buy something with your aunt.”

Shaun frowned.

He was unsure of Wesley’s intention. If Wesley wanted to deal with him, how could he have brought only one person here?

What on earth was Wesley plotting?

“You must save Willie. Wesley came to look for us all because of you. ” Upon realizing that Shaun had gone silent, Yvette hurriedly shouted, “I’m assuming all he wants is to discuss something with you. Just promise whatever he requests. Willie is your cousin. Now that he’s already a fool, he can’t lose his life.”

“Enough. Drop it.” Spencer stopped her.

“I’m doing this for the sake of Willie. If something happens to Willie, we might as well kill ourselves. I’m fed up with cr*p like this from the Hill family.” Yvette bellowed, “Ask him to take out his phone. ”

Spencer looked ashamed. He wished he could bury himself in a hole. “Shaun, Wesley’s afraid that you’ll record your conversation with him, so he wants you to take out your phone.”

Shaun’s thin lips curled up grimly. Why was Wesley afraid of being recorded? He was clearly afraid that Shaun would ask for help.

Upon noticing that Shaun remained still, Spencer began to panic. “ Shaun, I’m really not lying. Only Wesley and his secretary are inside, I swear. He said that if you don’t follow his instructions, Willie will never come back.”

The aged Spencer was on the verge of tears.

“Second Uncle, I admit that Wesley threatened Willie all because of me. But this is the last time I’m going to save him. I can’t possibly protect him forever.”

Shaun tossed his phone into Spencer’s hand. Although he had no idea what Wesley intended to do, Elle would barge in after 2o minutes even if he did not have his phone with him. Since 1o minutes had passed, he should be able to deal with ten or so people considering his skills.

Once he finished speaking, he strode toward the villa with his long legs. The moment he stepped into the building, all the lights went out all of a sudden. Even the windows were shut tightly without any light penetrating in.

He turned around, only to find the door behind him slammed shut.

Fury flashed across Shaun’s eyes. How audacious of Spencer and Yvette.

He previously thought that they took away his phone to prevent him from contacting anyone outside. However, by the look of things, they wanted to keep him from using the flashlight on the phone.

So what if he could not see anything? He could still discern Wesley based on his voice.

“Wesley Lyons, casting your meanness aside, you don’t even dare to leave the lights on. Are you too ashamed to meet me because of those dirty deeds you’ve done?”

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