Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1614

Shaun stood frozen to the spot, his tone filled with provocation and contempt.

However, his question was met with silence. All of a sudden, a piece of strange music rang in the villa. He had no idea which music this country was from, but it seemed like a Sanskrit song. Although he did not understand it, he somehow found it familiar.

He seemed to have heard it somewhere before.

He listened to the music for a while, trying to recall it. Nevertheless, his head began to hurt all of a sudden.

Then, a flash of light that resembled a star suddenly appeared on the second floor.

As Shaun walked toward the light, another flash of light lit up at the side. The two lights were blinking non-stop, and he started to zone out.

Upon realizing what was happening, Shaun closed his eyes.

Subsequently, a woman’s flat voice sounded from the second floor. “ Shaun, remember that Sarah is the woman you love most. The woman you love most…”

This voice…

Shaun’s head hurt even more. It was as if something was buzzing in his head, which felt like it was about to explode.

No, it was not. Catherine was the woman he loved the most. No.

“Sarah Neeson, is this your doing?” Shaun followed the direction of the voice and tottered forward in the dark.

However, he could not seem to find his way. He even slipped on something.

The flat voice continued, “The person you hate the most is Catherine. It’s Catherine. She’s the one who seduced you. She seduced you, seduced you…”

Something appeared to trigger his memory. Shaun’s head began to ache excruciatingly. Due to the pain, his handsome face paled.

With his limited sense, he was vaguely aware of Wesley’s actual intention.

As much as he refused to listen to the voice, it made its way into his ears like the devil’s voice.

On top of that, many of his own voices popped out in his head.

These voices in his memory were familiar yet strange.

“You can divorce me, but you need to cook for me for three years, and I’ll accept your request.”

“Catherine, did you truly love me?”

“Even if you don’t care, I do. Cathy, I know you hate me, but what can I do? I feel like you’ve fooled me, but I can’t bear to let you go. I’ve been poisoned by a type of poison called Catherine.”

Who was speaking?

No. He could not let the voices continue.

As Shaun continued to stagger toward the direction of the voice in the dark, he missed his footing and rolled down the stairs.

The voices stopped ringing as well.

In the manor.

Catherine was telling the kids stories when her left eye suddenly twitched.
She spaced out for a moment until she heard Suzie’s voice. ”Mommy, go on with the story. ”

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