Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1615

“Oh, okay. ” Catherine flipped to the next page. “ The wolf followed the footprints. Suddenly, he saw a pond in front— ”

Before she could finish the story, her phone that was on the bed rang.

Elle was calling her.

“Miss Jones, something happened to Young Master Hill. I’ve just sent him to the hospital.”

Upon hearing Elle’s anxious voice, Catherine’s heart skipped a beat. “What happened to him? Didn’t he go to his uncle’s house tonight?”

“Something happened to him at Second Master Hill’s house. Please come to the Jewell family’s hospital.” In a state of panic, Elle hung up after giving a brief reply.

“Mommy, what’s wrong with Daddy?” Suzie was so frightened that her face turned ghastly.

Lucas’s cool face looked grave as well. “Mommy, take us with you.”

“ It’s too late now. I won’t have the energy to look after you guys later, so you should stay at home. Let me go there and find out what’s going on. If your dad’s condition is serious, I’ll get Hadley to send you both over. Otherwise, you can visit him the next morning.”

Looking at the two little kids, Catherine forced herself to calm down.

“Mommy, we…”

“Listen to me.” Catherine’s pretty face looked anxious yet stern.

Seeing that, Lucas and Suzie pursed their lips and kept quiet.

Catherine promptly started the car and rushed to the hospital. On her way there, she informed Brennan and Lea about the matter.

When she arrived at the hospital, Elle, Spencer, and Yvette were waiting outside the emergency room with somber looks on their faces. As soon as Spencer and Yvette saw Catherine, their eyes flashed with unease.

“Elle, what on earth happened?” Catherine asked Elle without looking at Spencer and Yvette.

Before Elle answered, Spencer said guiltily, “ Sorry, it’s all our doing. Wesley kidnapped Willie and said he’d kill Willie if we didn’t deceive Shaun into coming to our villa.”

With her lips quivering, Yvette said, “We didn’t mean to hurt him. Wesley said he just wanted to have a chat with Shaun. Besides, he didn’t bring anyone with him, so we have no idea what happened to Shaun. Hey, don’t glare at us. After all, we were dragged into this mess because of you guys. We don’t even know Wesley well. If it hadn’t been for the trouble you guys caused, why would Willie be kidnapped? He’s already a fool. Do you guys want him to lose his life as well?”

“Your son’s life matters, but doesn’t Young Master Hill’s life matter too?” Elle could not tolerate Yvette’s words.

Catherine found Yvette’s remarks nasty as well. Back then, she neither hated nor liked Spencer and Yvette. Her impression of them was at least better than that of Valerie.

However, with these recent happenings, she came to realize that this couple was jealous and selfish.

Shaun had already let them go when the couple sold Hill Corporation off to their enemy. Yet now that Shaun was in danger, all they wanted to do was shift the blame.

Yvette said with dissatisfaction, “We didn’t expect something to happen to Shaun either. Given his skills, who knew he would fail to deal with Wesley?”

“Shut up.”

Catherine’s grim eyes swept over to her.

For some reason, the icy aura that surrounded Catherine filled Yvette with dread. When Yvette came to her senses, she shouted in a huff, “Who gives you the right to make me shut up? I’m your elder.”

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