Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1616

“But why does an elder like you have no shame at all?” Fury was written all over Catherine’s face. “ I’m not in the mood to argue with you. I just want to ask you something. Have you guys called the police regarding this matter? Has Willie returned yet? Where’s Wesley? How did the accident happen to Shaun?”

Yvette was stunned at the questions she was bombarded with.

Spencer then muttered, “Willie is back. When we sent Shaun to the hospital, our housekeeper called me and said Willie came back by himself. After our housekeeper asked him, Willie said someone took him out to play hide and seek. In this case… It’s inappropriate for us to report it to the police since he was only missing for one afternoon.”

Catherine understood the situation. All Wesley did was trick Willie with his little game. Considering that Willie was only missing for less than 24 hours, the police would not accept the case. “Wesley must’ve been there at the scene when something happened to Shaun, right?”

Spencer opened his mouth in agony, not knowing how to explain.

Elle said in a low voice, “When the accident happened, Wesley was moon gazing on the top floor. The two of them did not meet each other.”

Catherine could go insane at that moment. “So what the hell happened to Shaun?”

Elle forced a smile. “In fact, Young Master Hill had already guessed that Willie was kidnapped when he headed to Second Master’s house. That was why he had me ambush outside the house with some of our men. He said if I didn’t hear from him within half a n hour, we could barge in. But when we barged in, the lights in the house weren’t on. I found Young Master Hill lying on the floor unconscious with his forehead covered in blood. That was when I sent him to the hospital. On my way here, I checked his

injuries, but none of them were fighting-related. The only part he injured is his forehead, and it’s not very serious.”

Upon hearing it, Catherine did not let out a sigh of relief. Instead, she found the incident strange. “ Why weren’t the lights in the house on?”

Elle turned her eyes to Spencer and Yvette.

Spencer responded embarrassedly, “I’m really not sure about it. Wesley asked us to enter the house and closed all the curtains. Since it was just the two of them, I thought it wouldn’t be difficult for Shaun to deal with them.”

“Two of them?”

“Wesley and his female secretary.” Yvette added, “ Catherine, please don’t tell our grandparents about it since Shaun is just slightly injured. Tomorrow, we’re going to bring Willie overseas to treat his illness, and we won’t be involved in all your vendettas anymore.”

Deep down, Catherine was simmering with anger.

She admitted that the couple had nothing to do with Wesley and were in the mess because of Shaun and her.

Nevertheless, as Shaun’s second uncle and aunt, they were too selfish.

“Take Willie away, then. I don’t want to see you guys anymore. We’ll go our separate ways from now on. Also, don’t contact Shaun anymore, ” Catherine said indifferently.

She wished that Shaun would have nothing to do with the two of them. When something good happened, they would approach him. Yet now that he was in trouble, they were the first to run away.

Losing such relatives would not matter.

“You…” Yvette was put off by Catherine’s words.

“Fine. Let’s go.” Spencer dragged his wife away. After all, he was the one who dragged Shaun into this incident.

When they were leaving, Catherine even heard Yvette’s voice echoing from the corridor. “Shaun only injured his forehead a little. Why is she making a big deal out of it?”

“She has gone too far.” Elle clenched her fists in exasperation.

“Fine. It’s common to have awful relatives.” Catherine sighed.

“Don’t worry, Miss Jones. Young Master Hill will be fine,” Elle consoled her.

“Hopefully.” Despite saying that, Catherine was actually feeling anxious.

Wesley had put so much effort into getting Shaun there just to make him fall down the stairs?

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