Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1617

“Elle, go to the scene and have a look. Hopefully, you can find some of Wesley’s incriminating evidence, ” Catherine said.


Shortly after Elle left, Lea and Brennan rushed to the hospital.

After hearing the ins and outs of the incident, Brennan could not resist telling Lea off, “Why are the Hills so selfish? As Shaun’s uncle, has he no shame? His son’s life matters to him, but other people’s lives don’t, huh?”

His criticism made Lea feel ashamed, but she could not refute it.

At the sight of the scene, Catherine said, “Uncle, Aunty, stop quarreling. Let’s wait for Shaun to come out first.”

It did not take long before the door of the emergency room opened.

Chester, who personally took charge of the emergency operation this time, came out of the room. “Don’t worry. I’ve performed a full body checkup for Shaun, including a CT scan of his head. He has only suffered from a mild concussion, and he’s generally fine.”

Only after the crowd heard it did they sigh in relief. Catherine asked, “When will he be awake?”

“He should be awake after a few hours.”

After that, Shaun was arranged to stay in a VIP ward.

Catherine advised Brennan and Lea to go home to rest, but none of them left. They insisted on waiting for Shaun to wake up.

After waiting for an hour or so in the hospital, Catherine’s phone rang. It was a call from Wesley.

As much as she loathed this person, she still answered the call for the sake of Shaun.

“Wesley, I won’t let you get away for hurting Shaun tonight.” Catherine’s face looked cold.

“Cathy, don’t accuse me. I didn’t even meet Shaun tonight. When he came in, I was talking to Senator Mead over the phone on the top floor. How could I have possibly dealt with Shaun while talking to someone else? Even if you report it to the police, I have the call log in my phone.” Wesley grinned.

“You may not have done it yourself, but it doesn’t mean you didn’t get someone else to do it. Didn’t you enter the house with another female secretary? Also, why did the lights in Spencer’s house go out? You should know better than anyone else.”

“ It’s perfectly normal for my secretary to arrange some files for me. But if she were to deal with Shaun, she’d be biting off more than she could chew. With Shaun’s skills, no one could approach him even in the dark. As to why the lights in Spencer’s house went out, you need to find out from Spencer. What a low-quality circuit he used. ”

She could hear how smug Wesley was from his tone. “I just wanted to tell you not to waste any more time on Shaun. I’ll be here waiting for your return, darling.”

After that, he hung up. Catherine was so furious that she wished she could tear his face apart.

However, she was deeply suspicious of the matter. The matter was just bizarre.

As such, she dared not walk away from Shaun at all.

At 11:00 p.m., the man on the bed finally woke up.

“Shaunny, are you okay?” Catherine promptly held his hands.

The man’s thick lashes fluttered, and he slowly opened his dazed, pure eyes.

After blinking his eyes, Shaun suddenly jerked backward and withdrew his hands.

“What’s wrong? You can’t recognize me after suffering from a concussion, huh?” Catherine asked nervously.

“Aunty, who are you?” Shaun curled up into a ball. His originally hoarse voice had turned into a kid’s cute voice.

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