Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1618


Catherine was stupefied. Did Shaun call her Aunty?

“Shaun, what’s wrong with you?” Lea and Brennan

immediately approached him.

“No. Don’t come closer. I don’t know you guys.” Shaun used the blanket to cover himself and curled his tall figure into a ball. He was trembling.

Catherine’s heart sank. Lea and Brennan were dejected as well.

Brennan anxiously stripped the blanket away. “ Shaun, I’m your dad.”

“Go away. You look scary.” Frightened, Shaun began to bawl like a baby. “I don’t want to stay here. I want to go home.”

“Shaun, we’re your parents.” Lea held his hand with worry.

“No, you guys aren’t. My daddy and mommy aren’t so old. You guys can be… my grandpa and granny.”

Shaun pouted and kept his hands to himself to stop them from approaching him.

Grandpa and Granny… Brennan and Lea were riveted.

Unable to watch on anymore, Catherine quickly gave Chester a call.

Upon learning the news, Chester, who had not returned home, hurried to the room. At the sight of Shaun, he was dumbfounded.

When Shaun saw Chester, he began to blubber in fear. “I don’t want to see the doctor. Doctors are scary…”

Although Shaun could not recognize anyone, he held onto Catherine’s skirt, considering she looked pretty and gentle. “Aunty, I don’t want injections. ”

Seeing Shaun’s handsome, tear-filled face, Catherine realized that his behavior could compare to Suzie’s. As much as she felt like killing herself, she had no choice but to endure the situation.

“Alright. No injections for you. The doctor just wants to take a look at your head.” She forced herself to calm Shaun down gently.

“Uh… There’s nothing wrong with my head. I don’t want an injection.” Shaun shook his head violently,

looking frightened.

“Be good. I promise I won’t give you an injection. Let me play a little game with you.” Chester tried to put up with Shaun’s behavior and treated him like a kid.

They spent some time talking Shaun into it. When they finally managed to calm Shaun down, a few neurologists came and took turns examining Shaun’s condition. At last, a neurologist said, “ Aside from the minor concussion, everything else is fine. It’s our first time encountering such a condition. If it’s not caused by internal factors, I’m afraid it’s due to external stimulation that took place before he was injured.”

“External stimulation…”

After Catherine and Chester exchanged glances, their hearts thumped, and something crossed their minds.

Lea was so unsettled that her eyes reddened. “ Doctor, is it possible to cure him?”

“We’ll try our best, but we’re not confident about it because there’s nothing wrong with his brain.” The doctor forced a smile. “ Based on my preliminary analysis, his intellectual capacity has regressed to the stage of a two-year-old.”

“Two years old?” Catherine smiled ruefully. In this case, his intellectual capacity was even worse than Suzie’s.

“Let’s hope that his intellectual capacity will improve. If it doesn’t, it’ll be really troublesome.” The doctor sighed.

After the doctor left, Catherine glanced at Shaun who was sucking his finger on the bed. Then, she said gloomily, “I finally understand Wesley’s motive for fooling him into showing up. It must be Sarah’s doing.”

“Sarah forcibly evoked Shaun’s tangled memories to cure him, but she made him lose his sanity instead. ” Chester clenched his fists so tightly that they cracked. “That woman has become so vicious. If I had known this earlier, I would’ve killed her.”

“A cure? His memory can’t be restored at all. She obviously meant to make him go insane. I’ve always been cautious not to let him recall the past, yet he still ended up in this state.” Catherine’s eyes reddened as she felt extremely upset.

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