Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1621

“This isn’t a toy. It’s for peeing.”

Deep down, Catherine felt glad that she had two children. At least she had an idea on how to deal with Shaun in his current state.

“Oh.” Shaun’s eyes were filled with curiosity. “I can’t hold it anymore. Help me take off my pants…”

Catherine was speechless.

Looking at the man on the bed who was much taller than her, Catherine felt like asking whether he was trying to take liberties with her…

However, even if she asked him, he would not understand her question.

All Catherine could do was surrender to her fate by going to him and helping him.

Although they had lived together like a married couple, she could not help but blush with embarrassment when she met Shaun’s pure eyes.

When he was finally done, she said to Shaun earnestly, “From now on, don’t call me Aunty. Just call me Cathy.”

“Cathy?” A dazed look crossed Shaun’s face. “But you’re… a lot older than me.”

Catherine did not have it in her to tease him. How dare this old man say she was a lot older than him when he was already in his 30s. “May I know how old you are?”

Shaun counted with his fingers seriously, but he could not work it out even after some time. At last, he answered with a pout, “I’m… one year old.”

Catherine pressed her temples as she reminded herself to get used to it.

“ Shaunny, it’s late. It’s time to sleep. ” Catherine tucked him under the blanket.

“Are you calling me Shorty?” Shaun pouted. “I don’t like it. It sounds like I’m short.”

Catherine found it funny. “It’s Shaunny. Your name is Shaun Hill. Remember that.”

“Shaun Hill. I’m Shaun Hill. Shaun Hill.” Shaun nodded seriously, trying to remember his name.

Catherine was slightly swayed. She noticed that Shaun was not actually stupid even though he had a mental age of two. As long as she provided him with the right guidance, his intellectual capacity would gradually increase.

“Be good. Sleep now.”

“I’m scared. ” Shaun clutched her. “I want a hug.”

Catherine pictured herself hugging Suzie to sleep. Then, she shuddered when she pictured herself hugging Shaun’s long body. In the end, she lay on the bed with one hand around Shaun’s head and the other patting him on the back. Only then did she manage to coax him into sleeping.

While Shaun was sound asleep, Catherine was awake as she could not fall asleep at all.

She only fell asleep at 2:00 a.m. but woke up at 6:00 a.m.

She softly let go of Shaun and took her phone, only to find three unknown missed calls.

After some thought, she did not return the calls in the end.

At 8:00 a.m., Lea brought Suzie and Lucas over to visit Shaun.

“Daddy, are you okay?” Worried, Suzie walked to his bedside. “Do you still remember me?”

After looking at Suzie in confusion, he tilted his head. With a pout, he screamed, “Sister…”

Suzie was shocked to hear her scummy dad call her Sister. Boo—hoo…

“She’s not your sister.” Lucas fixed his eyes on Shaun with a frown.

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