Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1622

Shaun scratched the back of his head in a daze. “ You’re… Brother?”

Lucas was speechless.

Although Lucas and Suzie had heard about Shaun’s condition from their grandmother on their way to the hospital, they still found it hard to accept even after they saw it with their own eyes.

Catherine gently patted the two kids on their shoulders. “Your daddy is slightly injured, so you guys need to take care of him, okay?”

“Mommy, will Daddy be like this for the rest of his life?” Suzie was despondent.

Worry flashed in Catherine’s eyes. Even so, she said to the kids, “Uncle Chester and I will contact some doctors overseas to cure him soon.”

“Mm. Alright. ” Suzie gasped. “I’ll just take him as my younger brother then.”

Just as Catherine was helpless, her phone suddenly rang. It was an unknown caller.

She took her phone and walked out. “Hi. Who are you looking for…”

“I’m Titus Costner.” A cold voice sounded from the other end of the phone.

Catherine was stunned for a moment before she furrowed her brows. “Mr. Costner, what’s the matter?”

“Matthew went missing yesterday. ” Titus’s tone was harsh. “And I still can’t reach him now. I can’t reach his assistant as well. After checking his call log, I realized that you were the last person he called. Does his disappearance have something to do with you?”

Catherine’s head began to hurt.

So many things had happened since last night, and she had yet to get over them.

Yet now, Titus claimed Matthew had gone missing. From his tone, Catherine could tell that he was suspecting her.

“I’ve only received a call from him the night before yesterday, and we haven’t contacted each other since then.” Catherine said honestly, “Mr. Costner, I have my hands full at the moment. How would I have the time to make Matthew go missing?”

“You even dared to injure my bodyguard, what more Matthew. Matthew went out with his assistant yesterday morning. It’s all too easy for Liona members to deal with him.” Titus could no longer contain the rage inside him.

Titus was usually very strict with Matthew. Since Matthew was his only son, he placed high hopes on him.

Moreover, he could not believe that someone had the audacity to attack Matthew in Australia.

This had struck Titus’s nerve.

“Catherine Jones, you should know I’m calling you because you have a hidden agenda.”

Deep down, Catherine gasped. How could she have done something to Matthew? Matthew was her biological brother. Yet, of course, Titus would not believe it even if she told him that.

“Mr. Costner, if it was my doing, I’d own up. I’d even threaten to kill Matthew if you refuse to leave Australia with Sheryl and Rebecca and promise to return Hill Corporation to us. However, I didn’t kidnap him, so I can’t threaten you.”

Catherine added in a low voice, “Also, you can go around and find out what happened to Shaun last night. He has become a fool. How would I have the time to do something to Matthew?”

Titus was dumbfounded. “Shaun is now a fool?”

“Do you think I’ll lie to you regarding this matter?” Catherine was annoyed. However, as she grew annoyed, all she could do was tell herself to calm down.

“Fine. But tell me why Matthew looked for you the night before yesterday. Catherine, we don’t have any other enemies in Australia apart from you and Shaun.”

After thinking it over, Catherine asked, “Mr. Costner, are you alone now?”


Catherine decided to be frank with him. “I told Matthew that Rebecca, Jeffery, and Sally are bad people. You might think that I’m trying to tear you guys apart, but as outsiders, you’ve only heard most of the things from them. Probably all of them are about how bad I am, which is why Matthew didn’t believe me. In that case, I asked him to head to Melbourne to ask about Rebecca’s character. To be honest, many wealthy people in Melbourne know about the evil deeds that Rebecca has done back then. I guess Matthew went there to find out about it.”

“I’ll investigate whether Mathew went to Melbourne. Having said that, if I find out that you’re involved in this matter, I’ll make the whole of Australia pay the price.” Titus’s icy tone was filled with wrath.

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