Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1623

Catherine chuckled indifferently, “Suit yourself. Anyway, my life has been screwed over ever since your family appeared. However, now I wish Matthew didn’t head to Melbourne…”

“What do you mean?”

“If he headed to Melbourne and went missing there, it would surely mean that he had found out something. There might be some people who want to stop him from bringing back the truth. But I’m to blame for that, too. I should’ve asked him to bring along a few more people to investigate the matter. I just didn’t expect he would really go to Melbourne. I thought he didn’t believe me.”

Titus pursed his thin lips grimly. “Are you hinting that this matter has to do with Rebecca?”

“Mr. Costner, may I know if your wife and Rebecca performed the DNA test earlier with hair?”

“What are you trying to say?” Titus asked with indifference.

“ I suspect Wesley gave Rebecca my hair instead. ”

Titus chuckled. “Are you trying to say that you’re Sheryl’s daughter?”

“Yes. Perhaps you guys won’t believe it because it sounds absurd, but you’re a smart person, Mr. Costner. Considering that Rebecca isn’t your biological daughter, you can view this matter from the perspective of an outsider. You probably don’t like nor hate Rebecca. But after spending some time with her, what do you think of her?”

In the face of Catherine’s question, Titus’s brows furrowed angrily.

To be frank, he was not fond of Rebecca.

Of course, he could not point out her limitations as she had always been nice and obedient to him.

Nevertheless, ever since he came to Melbourne, his relationship with Sheryl had begun to fall apart. On the other hand, Sheryl had been pampering Rebecca a lot.

She even gave Rebecca a few hundred billion dollars to acquire Hill Corporation without informing him about it.

As Sheryl’s husband, he could sense a greater distance and conflict between Sheryl and him.

They had both been married for over 20 years and were always very loving. Their relationship had never been in their current state before.

Upon realizing that Titus went silent, Catherine reckoned that he was in conflict with his family. “Mr. Costner, I really am Sheryl’s biological daughter. You guys might not believe me because I haven’t done a DNA test. I was once married to Wesley. Only after I married him did I learn that he was a hypocrite who had been conspiring with Rebecca in a lot of crimes since three years ago, and I was kept in the dark. After we married, I lived in his house. Since I dried and combed my hair every day, he had access to a lot of my hair. I’m very certain that you guys didn’t personally pluck the hair off Rebecca’s head for the DNA test.”

Titus rubbed his brows. Since Matthew was the one who had the DNA test done, who knew how he obtained the hair?

“Let’s get back to business.”

Knowing that she did not have proof, Catherine did not expect him to be convinced just like that. “As I said just now, Rebecca and Wesley are colluding with each other. Furthermore, Melbourne is the Lyons family’s roots. Since Rebecca came back, she has helped Wesley to play up to Senator Mead by taking advantage of your status.

“At this point, his status in Australia has surpassed Shaun’s. Since those wealthy people in Melbourne act based on the situation, it’s unsurprising to know that some of them have secretly gone and sought help from the Lyons family. If Matthew had gone to inquire about Rebecca at this time, he would’ve easily alerted Wesley’s mole. After all, it won’t benefit Wesley if Rebecca’s true colors are exposed. I guess Matthew is missing because of him.”

“Why should I believe in your words?” Titus asked coldly. This matter was far more complicated than he imagined.

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