Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1624

“It’s because I understand Wesley and Rebecca the most. You don’t have to worry too much. I think Matthew is still alive. They’re probably keeping Matthew with them as a way of protecting themselves for fear that you’ll discover the truth.”

After pausing for a moment, Catherine added, “Mr. Costner, sometimes what a person says may not be true. If you want to understand a person, you should spend time with them and feel it. Given that you’ve been in the business industry for so many years, can’t you be more sensible in seeing a person’s true colors?”

Titus was slightly swayed. “I’ll have this matter investigated. Hopefully, what you said is true.”

Catherine sighed in relief. She knew Titus did not treat her words as nonsensical. “I guess Rebecca will try her best to frame Shaun and me regarding this matter in front of you and your wife. I’m not bothered about how your wife will think about it, but I hope you’ll stay rational and won’t be taken advantage of.”

“None of the Joneses is to be taken lightly,” Titus teased.

“ Suit yourself. By the way, I’d like to remind you that Rebecca had once undergone plastic surgery to impersonate someone else to take care of Shaun. She drugged Shaun’s food and made him… mentally ill. Consequently, it ruined my relationship with Shaun. I hope you’ll take note of this.”

Once she finished speaking, she hung up. Upon hearing her last sentence, Titus froze.

He thought that he knew Sheryl very well. Despite that, Sheryl had become grumpier and more irrational recently.

He was under the impression that the unresolved matters with the Jones family had stressed her out.

However… What if that was not the case? Tutus suddenly shuddered.

All of a sudden, Sheryl knocked on the door of his study before she dashed in.

“Titus Costner, who were you talking to on the phone while hiding here? Let me ask you. How’s the investigation into Matthew’s disappearance? Why has he gone missing out of the blue?”

“I’ve had someone investigate this matter.”

Staring at Sheryl who was yelling in front of him, Titus spaced out a little. The Sheryl he knew back then had fought alongside him. Although she was a woman, her capability and calmness could compare to his when it came to dealing with business. “ Sheryl, simmer down.”

“My son, Matthew, is missing. How can I simmer down?” Sheryl said in exasperation, “Catherine and Shaun must be the ones who kidnapped him.

They’re our only enemies in Canberra.”

“I’ll investigate it,” Titus said softly.

“What’s there to investigate about? Clearly, it was Catherine’s doing. She was the last person Matthew contacted. This woman is really wicked.” Sheryl said furiously, “I’ll arrange for our men to be sent here. No matter what, we must kill Catherine and Shaun this time. If they don’t return Matthew to us, I’ll make them pay back with interest.”

“Mom, don’t do that.” At this moment, Rebecca rushed into the room and said, “We must believe in Uncle Titus.”

Titus’s eyes darkened as he darted a glance at her. Then, he asked, “Rebecca, what do you think of this matter?”

Rebecca was stunned as she did not expect Titus to ask for her opinion. She clenched her teeth and said, “I think… me acquiring Hill Corporation recently has driven Catherine and Shaun mad. Let me talk to Catherine. It’s my fault anyway. Matthew wouldn’t have gone missing if it weren’t for taking revenge on my behalf.”

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