Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1625

“How can I blame you for this?” Sheryl quickly held Rebecca’s hands and consoled her, “After all, we’ve underestimated Catherine’s brutality, or rather, we shouldn’t have given her the chance in the first place.”

A look of annoyance washed over Rebecca’s face. “I just can’t figure out why Matthew left without saying a thing. Could Catherine have tricked him into leaving?”

“That’s possible. ” Upon hearing it, Sheryl glared at Titus. “You guys have been in contact with Catherine from the beginning. Matthew is particularly innocent, but Catherine is cunning. He could’ve been deceived by her.”

“ Sherry, now is not the time to quarrel. Let’s find Matthew first, ” Titus said with a low voice. Even his posture was lowered.

Rebecca bit her lip. “I’m afraid Catherine will deny it.”

Provoked by her words, Sheryl said furiously, “ If she denies it, I’ll personally look for Minister Snow.

But if he doesn’t deal with Catherine and Shaun, I don’t mind severing Australia’s shipping routes.”

Titus frowned, and his lips twitched. In the end, he did not utter a word.

He just stared at Sheryl and Rebecca silently. His distant eyes rested on Rebecca’s face for one to two seconds.

In the past, he was not unconcerned about Rebecca’s scheming mind. He just considered her as Sheryl’s daughter at that time, so he let her be for the sake of his marriage with Sheryl.

Everyone had a scheming mind.

However, Rebecca would be a bit too presumptuous if she tried to tear him and Sheryl apart right in front of him.

If Titus were a fool, he would not have attained his current status.

On the surface, Rebecca seemed like she was advising him and Sheryl. However, she was actually dropping a hint to them that it was Catherine’s doing.

If he had not had a deep conversation with Catherine just now, he might have let Rebecca lead him by the nose.

In fact, he would not be so worried if Matthew was with Catherine.

Nevertheless, if what Catherine said turned out to be true, then that would be troublesome.

After lighting a cigarette, Titus immediately asked his subordinates to investigate the issue in Melbourne.

At noon, his subordinates brought him some news. “Mr. Costner, we saw Willard’s dead body in Melbourne Police Station, but Young Master Costner is still nowhere to be found.”

Willard was Matthew’s personal assistant.

Titus’s breathing hitched, and Sheryl had already leaped to her feet in agitation. “What else have you found out?”

“The police noticed signs of fighting at the scene. I assume Young Master Costner and Willard were attacked. Since Young Master Costner is quite skillful, he must’ve been mobbed by a group of people.”

“Young Master Costner is very skillful, and Willard’s skills aren’t bad either. However, one of them is missing, while the other is dead. In that case, they must’ve encountered a powerful master.” Rebecca’s eyes reddened as she covered her lips. “It’s all my fault. If I hadn’t brought a group of bodyguards to Hill Corporation, they wouldn’t have been beaten so badly by the Liona members. In that case, Matthew wouldn’t have had to bring only an assistant along.”

Slightly moved by her words, Sheryl roared, “This must be Catherine’s plot. She injured all our bodyguards so that she could deal with Matthew alone.”

After glancing at Sheryl’s agitated look, Titus could not help but say, “You might be right. I’ll immediately send some people from Neah Bay over. I’ll visit the executive council now to pressure Nathan.”

“What’s the point of pressuring him? By the time our people are here, it’ll be too late. I suggest we ask Nathan to arrest Catherine straight away.” Sheryl was unhappy with Titus’s decision.

Titus opened his mouth for a while before he replied, “Alright. I’ll see if Nathan is willing to do that. It’s all my fault. You should just wait at home and don’t go anywhere for the sake of your safety. ”

“Uncle Titus, are you worried that Catherine will harm Mom?” Rebecca asked worriedly.

“How dare she.” Sheryl scoffed. “If she dares attack me, I won’t let her out no matter how many people she comes with.”

Titus directly strode out with his long legs without saying anything.

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