Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1626

After getting in the sedan, the passenger seat’s

door opened. Titus’s assistant, Samuel Light, got in. “ President Costner, are we going to the prime minister’s office now?”

Titus glanced at Samuel. “How long will it take for our bodyguards to recover?”

Samuel was taken aback. “They’ve hurt their muscles and bones, so it’ll take two to three months at the very least.”

“Two to three months?” Titus’s head began to hurt. “I didn’t think I’d be fooled to this extent. ”

“President Costner, I think Young Master Costner should be safe. Maybe Catherine and the others just want to threaten you,” Samuel consoled him.

“You also think Catherine is the one who did it?” Titus faked a smile and asked.

“Is… Is it not her?” Samuel was shocked.

“Of course not. However, you can’t mention this in front of Sheryl.”

Titus lit a cigarette. If he previously had 4o percent of trust in Catherine, he now had as much as 8o percent of trust in her.

He did not believe that Sheryl would give birth to such a hateful daughter like Rebecca.

“Don’t we still have two bodyguards? Ask them to monitor Sheryl closely. If she wants to do something, inform me immediately. But remember, don’t rouse Sheryl and Rebecca’s suspicions, ” Titus ordered.

Samuel was startled. “Monitor… Monitor the madam?”


In the villa.

After Titus left, Sheryl stood up, and she suddenly felt dizzy.

“Mom, what’s wrong?” Rebecca quickly supported her.

“Perhaps it’s because I was worrying about Matthew last night and didn’t sleep well,” Sheryl said in annoyance.

“ I understand. You love Matthew a lot.” Rebecca sighed. “ I’m very worried about him too. But… But I’m afraid Prime Minister Snow won’t target Catherine. Prime Minister Snow’s nephew and Shaun are good brothers. It was with Shaun’s help that Prime Minister Snow managed to assume the position earlier than expected too.”

“You’re right.” Sheryl’s pretty face darkened.

“I’m afraid if we delay this longer, Matthew will be in grave danger.” Rebecca gritted her teeth. “Since they dared to kidnap your son and kill your men, let’s just…”

“Just what?” Sheryl asked hastily.

“I know… Catherine has a pair of fraternal twins,” Rebecca whispered.

Sheryl was stunned. “You’re asking me to kidnap those two kids…”

“We can just kidnap them and not hurt them. We’ll threaten Catherine and ask her to hand Matthew over. Of course, if she doesn’t hand him over, we can’t hurt the children too. The children are innocent. However, Catherine surely cares about her children. Perhaps she’ll…” Rebecca said hesitantly.

Sheryl quickly understood, but she had never done that kind of thing before.

“Mom, I’m also worried that Matthew… will die if we keep delaying this.” Rebecca bit her lips and said, “Think about it. Willard is dead. When Matthew fought them, he must’ve gotten hurt too. What matters is whether he has been gravely injured or not…”

At that moment, Sheryl’s ongoing headache hurt even more intensely from Rebecca’s words. It was as if someone was squeezing her heart. She blurted, “ Okay, let’s do as you said. But we don’t have any more people in our hands…”

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